Who is the True Entrepreneur and the Three Qualities That Separates Them From the Rest

In a world in which there are many misconceptions about what it is to be an entrepreneur, there is one truth that remains unchanged. This unchangeable truth is the fact that entrepreneurialism is more the spirit of a man than anything else he may possess.

It is a trait that not all men are privileged with and for whatever reason, those that do possess this spirit of entrepreneurialism cannot help but become the pioneers of the business world in which they inhabit.
It is the trait of a Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Steven Jobs. And Reguardless of public opinion, these are men who have reached their level of success due to the entrepreneural spirit they possess.

Many men dream big dreams and can reach the height of expectation, but very few ever truly live them out. They may fall short just inches away from the execution of their dream becoming a reality, or mere seconds prior to the implementation of “the plan” that is to be the catapult to their success.

The spirit of the entrepreneur is cloaked to the eyes of the wanting in the apparel of outward successes, with most never understanding that the true achievements of the entrepreneur were first born within.

This begs the question then of how a man or a woman is deemed an entrepreneur and how the pre-requisites of becoming an entrepreneur can be attained.

There are many traits of the “true entrepreneur” (to many to list here) but there are three that stand out in all who possess the “spirit” that is of an entrepreneur.

1. Desire is the first characteristic that all entrepreneurs own. Without this quality of desire no man or woman will achieve the level of success attained by great leaders.
When desire in you to create something to call your own burns like a wildfire unquenchable, there is nothing that can prevent you from achieving that which you have set your heart, mind and soul to accomplish.

2. A “Plan For Success” is the attribute necessary for the implementation of the ones undertaking. The entrepreneur is a well thought out individual who methodically maps and charts his course, then allows it to be scrutinized as a part of his preparation. A man without a plan is like a ship without a rudder, only to be taken in whichever direction the wind may be blowing. A “plan” is the rudder of success, bringing direction and purpose to the entrepreneur.

3. Persistence is perhaps the quality that eludes most would be entrepreneurs but is without doubt the trait that brings to life the dreams of a man or woman. For along the way of their journey are many road blocks, detours and set-backs. So those that do not own the quality trait of persistence are easily distracted from their goal when faced with such obstacles. Persistence is the “finish it” to all the tasks life.

No one is born an entrepreneur, but all who plan and persist at becoming one will not be denied their desire that is to become a “true entrepreneur.