Top CPG Brokers

If you are trying to establish a direct connection between you and your retailers and you also need an efficient link that supplies direct quality products, what you need is a CPG broker to get the job done.

CPG stands for consumer-packaged goods and a CPG broker is a direct link between the manufacturers of these products and the retailers. They are important for ensuring sales and presence of products in the right markets.

There are long lists of CPG brokers who are in the business. Choosing the best and right one for your products is a crucial step to take if you want to employ their service.

An important factor to consider when searching for a CPG broker is the extent of their reach – their client base. Depending on the aims of your company; the number of stores the broker can get your products to is a factor to consider, because it will determine how rewarding the relationship with the broker will be. Top CPG brokers have extensive coverage of the market and they know which segment of the market a product should be sold to.

Another thing to note is that each CPG broker has a niche – the kind of products they deal in. The wise and most sensible thing to do is to find CPG brokers that deal in the kind of the products you sell.

The top CPG broker of your choice should have experience with dealing with brands related to your products. This will help a lot in understanding the dynamics of the market you want to sell your products.

In the industry today, there are a number of CPG brokers that have distinguished themselves among others and are on top of their game. These CPG brokers have proved over time their credibility and efficiency in the business.

The following is a list of top CPG brokers nationwide:

  1. Impact Group

This is a CPG broker company that specializes in brokerage services for all types of CPG products. They even provide other services to their clients such as data analytics for the sales of their goods.

  • CPG Brokers & Associates

They are known to deal in all kinds of products from beauty products, DIY, mass merchandise, food products and drugs.

  • Alliance Sales and Marketing

Asides an extensive coverage, they also provide other services such as product awareness, online services among many others.

  • CSN – Consolidated Sales Network

This is a group of independent food brokers in the nation and they specialize in c-store products, drug grocery and specialty products.

On a final note, top CPG brokers are easy to identify with the success they attain in their business. A good rule of the thumb is to look out for the top CPG brokers that are right for your business and you will never regret doing so.