The Innovation of Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Company

The Innovation of Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Company

A nation can survive with innovation. As for companies, innovation is the soul and the origin of life. Since reform and opening-up, private companies have occupied most mine markets, resorting to its innovation.

Innovation should cater for the requirement of markets. Through the technology research and management reform, the products and service should meet these needs. Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Company is a good example in case.

Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Company is the first to start up the one-stop service of mineral processing research, mine design, equipment manufacture, installation & debug, technology adjusting & testing, personnel training. It has completed more than 200 projects. Zhang Yunlong, president of Xinhai, realized the requirement of international markets and the necessity of turnkey projects. And the innovation brings success to Xinhai.

Trough 20 years’ development and constant technical innovation, Xinhai has applied for more than 40 patents. Xinhai possesses the most advanced international technology, which adopts the technology of liquid phase nanometer formula* ordinary temperature high frequency curing. In this sense, the abrasion resistance of rubber is pretty strong. Besides, Xinhai has many experts who are proficient in manufacturing techniques and know well about every abrasion. Therefore, the products they developed are targeted, efficient and easy to use.
The requirement of energy-saving for markets is endless. Xinhai develops several high-efficiency and energy-saving equipment. Abrasion resistant rubber is one of that equipment. The flotation cell Xinhai developed can save 60%-70% energy; flotation reagent can reduce 20%-30%; and flotation recovery can improve 1%-5%. In addition, the ultra fine laminating autogenous mill has several advantages: less occupied area, 60% reduction of power consumption. But the handling capacity has reached over 200%/

Besides the innovation of technology and service, the innovation of personnel management also brings great power to Xinhai. Xinhai set up an annual salary system, which has changed the unbalanced distribution and makes technicians devote themselves to the innovation and research.

As an example of innovation , innovation is the soul of Yantai Xinhai. Xinhai has technologists in enginery, as well as a lot of mining and mineral technologists. Technologists and mechanical engineers cooperate perfectly. We have developed and improved 80% of the mining equipment, some of them have reached an international leading level. It has become the R&D base of mining machinery industry in China.

Xinhai Mining Machinery Company has strong production and processing ability. It can supply a complete set of equipment for well mouth mechanization, mineral processing and metallurgy used in mines whose output is under 5000t/d. The product variety the company owns is the most in mining machinery industry in China, up to more than 600.