Technology; Vital To Our Lives

Today technology is integral to the lives we lead. We take for granted so many pieces of technology; none more so than the microchip that has completely revolutionised the world and the way we carry out our lives. For people of past generations it would be considerably difficult to understand and comprehend the society we live in today. This is why staying abreast of technological developments and new stories relating to technology is an advisable course of action, even for those who do not have a great interest in technological developments; a passing interest in technology news is helpful.

Technology in the modern world leaves no part of our lives untouched. News stories on the subject can help us to prepare for changes and developments that we would not foresee. One such instance of the importance of technology news is the current drive towards awareness of the digital television revolution. If viewers were not suitably informed of the developments in this process it would be difficult for them to prepare for it. In the same vein, news stories that inform of us of ways technology is making our lives more environmentally friendly can help us do our bit for the planet.

The most memorable technology news programme in the UK was the BBC’s ‘Tomorrow’s World’. Running for over thirty years it brought us many stories that were technology related. For many it was an event just to sit down and watch the programme as a family; sadly today it is not running in its old format due to dwindling viewing figures at the turn of the last century. The news stories it brought us about various pieces of technology however were truly groundbreaking; devices such as the personal stereo, the digital watch and the camcorder were all first aired on ‘Tomorrow’s World’, items that are all commonly used today.

The internet seems to have taken the mantle as the UK’s favourite way to access technology news stories. It has given thousands of people the chance to voice their opinions about certain pieces of technology and put in writing theories of how they expect the technological world to develop. While in the beginning this may have been just geeks and techno-junkies producing the articles, it has turned into an industry full of news corporations that specialise in technology news stories.

Today it is quite clear that we live in a computer age. Computers are so intertwined with society that is hard to imagine how the world would function without them. The reliance upon technology makes news on technological issues even more pronounced; knowing how secure the equipment is that keeps our society running means we can predict future problems.

Technology does not just cover gadgets and gismos however, with the diverse applications for pieces of technology there isn’t a sphere in life that is not in someway influenced by technological development. Medicine and even traffic control is heavily influenced by technology with development improving efficiency and in the case of medicine survival rates. All of these subjects are covered in tech news stories, not just the games consoles and mobile phones we all seem to have nowadays.

The importance of technology news is only set to continue. As society finds more and more ways to reduce labour and increase the use of equipment it is wholly understandable. Subsequently being abreast of technological developments can be considered vital in the world we live in today.