Pick the Cream of the Crop When It Comes to Article Distribution Services

There are good article distribution services for your article writing efforts, and there are poor ones. The difficulty is not in finding an article distribution service at all; the difficulty is in finding a quality, article distribution service, which has your best interests as their focus. You need to take the time to check what each service offers so you can select the one that will get your articles optimum exposure. When you do take the time to choose the proper service, you guarantee that your article marketing efforts will succeed.

What makes a good article distribution service good as compared to a poor one? A good article distribution service will offer you human review of your articles. That’s right, a live, flesh and blood human being will actually look over you article for formatting and content problems. A poor article distribution service does not offer this quality control step. They fire your article off into cyberspace without concern for its content, structure and formatting.

These articles, if they have problems, receive rejection from editors. You then have to fix what’s wrong and go through the process all over again. It’s time-consuming and something that was resolvable in the early stages of the article marketing process through a human editor. A human editor in a good article distribution service is always on guard to article problems and gets them fixed before your article goes out to publishers.

Next, a good article distribution service allows you to choose from an extensive listing of specialized categories for article placement. A poor distribution service offers a limited number and often they do not focus on sub-categories. If you write articles on finance, you do not want one category that you can submit to titled “Finance.” You want a list of sub-categories where you can target your specific article.

Say you write articles on “Currency trading,” or “Debt consolidation,” you want the opportunity to choose from sub-categories of those same names under the main “Finance” category. This way your articles are highly targeted. This way your “Debt consolidation” article is not distributed to that “Currency trading” niche publisher. It’s all about getting your articles to where they should be, not where they shouldn’t be.

Another characteristic of a good article distribution service for your article submissions is one that provides wide distribution of your articles. You want your articles sent to as many suitable publishers as possible so you can get as many links as possible out there.

Remember, those links are the lifeblood of your Internet business. The more you have out there the more potential for large volumes of traffic to head to your website. That means more clicks on your affiliate banners and text links, once these visitors get to your website. It all means more affiliate marketing commissions for you. A poor article distribution service does not offer wide distribution. Instead, they work with only a limited number of publishers, which means you will not get that widespread exposure you need.

A good article distribution service will also allow you to submit an unlimited amount of articles for a set price. A poor article distribution service will cap the number of articles you can send out for a price. You do not want this constraint on you. Choose an article distribution service that offers you a lifetime, annual, or quarterly subscription with no limits on the number of articles you can submit during the time-period you choose. This way you will get those links out there and watch your business steadily grow.

Finally, a good article distribution service will offer you tools, and resources, to help you be a better article writer, and overall better Internet marketer. They will provide you podcasts, e-books, articles, and audio on demand, free, to help you become a better marketer. A poor article distribution service will not offer these extras.

Choose an article distribution service that also allows you to schedule when you want your articles distributed. This way you can make sure that your articles go out on a regular basis, weekly. This keeps your name out there consistently on the web. The more often people see your name and links, the more chance they will link back to where you are on the web.

Effective article marketing is all about choosing the proper article distribution service. Consider all of the above points when choosing a service to meet your needs. It will make your article promotion campaign more effective. You want the time you spend article writing to pay off. A good article distribution service will get those articles out in a timely fashion, regularly, to the right niche publishers. This way you can sit back and wait for the traffic that’s heading your way.