Marketing Your Direct-To-Consumer Distribution Business

Marketing is your most important job if you own of a direct-to-consumer distribution business.

Starting a direct-to-consumer distribution business is less expensive than a warehouse distribution business. Plus it’s easier to manage. Still you have move a lot of products to build a profitable direct-to-consumer distribution business.

In a direct-to-consumer distribution business, you probably will not be warehousing products. so you don’t earn a warehousing fee like warehouse distributors do. Your profit is dependent on your product sales. So how well you market can mean success or failure of your business.

Know Your Target Market

You first have to know who your potential customers are and the types of products that they will buy. Both are marketing decisions.

Because the large warehouse and wholesale distributors already have the business of large volume products that are mass marked, the best approach for a direct-to-consumer distribution is to go after crumbs that fall from their table. In other words, find a product designed specifically for a target market, not presently being well served.

After you have identified your target market, you have to learn everything possible about the people in your target market. You need to know what they need and want, what they will buy, and what they expect in return.

Marketing Through The Internet

You definitely want to consider the Internet as an option for marketing your direct-to-consumer distribution business.

Many publishers of information products distribute direct-to-consumers by immediately downloading digital products to their customers’ computers. It’s quick, inexpensive, and serves customers desires for immediate gratification.

Other Internet marketers work with drop shippers. They market and sell real products. The drop shippers are often the manufacturers who fulfill and ship each order. Then they send the marketer a commission check.

Internet marketing is similar and different to marketing through other media. The major difference is that Internet marketing requires more narrow target marketing than most media. These narrow target markets are often referred to as niche markets. They require that you learn even more information about the people in them in order to attract them to your site and sell them your products.

The better you know your target market, the better you will be able to get them to your site. And you need to get lots of people to your site in order to make any decent money. With conversion ranges from one to four percent, you’ll need between 25 and 100 people to make one sale.

After doing your market research and setting up your web site, doing individual promotions through the Internet is the least expensive way of marketing your direct-to-consumer distribution business.

Marketing Your Direct-To-Consumer Distribution Business Through Direct Mail

Direct mail is another relatively inexpensive way to market your direct-to-consumer distribution business. Just follow the steps below:

Select potential customers that you can identify with demographics and buying preferences,

Use a reputable list service to get addresses of target market members,

Producing a good direct mail package that will appeal to your target market members, and

Fulfilling and mailing orders.

If you implement each of the above steps well, your conversion rate will likely be only about one percent. You have to know that you can make a profit with that percentage.

You can cut direct mail costs by using a one-two approach. First, send your mailing list a postcard requesting a response. Then follow-up with a complete package of sales materials.

There are other methods for marketing your direct-to-consumer distribution business, but these are the least expensive. Internet marketing costs less than direct mail.


Two other good marketing tactics for marketing your direct-to-consumer distribution business include selling by telephone and through infomercials.