List of CPG Sales Brokerage

List of CPG Sales Brokerage

Every firm or business that wants to grow, must understand that hiring a sales broker is a must. When a firm is into the business of acting as a broker, it is called brokerage. One of the assured ways of controlling the pace of growth is sticking to a direct or using a limited number of brokers.

A broker is a person who establishes a relationship between the seller and the buyer for a commission. A good broker will always help you with navigating retail vendor systems especially with the major retailers, paperwork, and sales data every week. Finding a broker is usually hard, in most cases, it is a trial and error business at the beginning. Some people start by obtaining referrals and interviewing the prospects by finding out which lines they currently represent. Referral sources usually include, tradeshows and association, Internet searches, and LinkedIn groups.

Another means is by finding trade journals related to your products and looking for ads from brokerage companies. What’s important? Know, if the brokerage currently represents any direct competitor, because the broker might be in the position where the brokerage can influence the buyer to put a competitor on shelf space at the expense of another. There is only a key factor here, and that is the broker’s experience and access to the buyer. If you don’t test a particular broker, you won’t know so much about them and what they can offer. Testing different brokers will allow you make good decisions about whether to hire a particular broker or not.

The consumer-packaged-goods brokerage has a very long list, and the participants of this list are:


This is a leading brokerage company. Their retail channels include drug, club, mass, dollar, and amazon. They are transparent, full of integrity, and provide clients with instant expertise in consumer-packaged goods and have the best local team to work for the business.


They offer a better service, extra performance for the consumer-packaged goods industry. Their services provide direct broker access and support to a network of strategic regional brokers for all classes of drugs, mass merchandise, food, nutrition, and military.


This is a guaranteed consumer packaged goods consultant that offers service, expertise, and analytical framework tailored for the CPG Sales brokerage industry to leverage on data and provide a good margin improvement for business in this industry. They successfully drive profitability investments and manage the most important metrics by using the cloud-based business intelligence solution kinimetrix.

Sales brokerage will handle your business better and provide a huge result compared to hiring other firms.