How to Find Resume Distribution Reviews

If you’ve ever been in the job market before, you know how important effectively distributing your resume is to the success of your job search. Regardless of how well written your resume is, if nobody see it, you won’t get the job.

Resume distribution seems fairly easy to accomplish. You upload your resume to company websites, post it on craigslist, and maybe create a profile on Surely that’s good enough for employers to find you, right? But the truth of the matter is that resume distribution is an art and a science. Many job opportunities are never posted to the public, instead employers prefer to let recruiters do the work of screening applicants. The employers workload is greatly reduced, since only the best candidates will be delivered by the recruiter. Resume distribution services send your resume, among other places, to recruiters specializing in your field

If you’re serious about finding a job – and a good one, hiring a resume distribution service is a great way to go. The potential of landing that dream job in a competitive market is well worth the investment. But how do you know if you’re working with a truly great resume distribution service and not just a scam website designed to lighten your wallet?

Finding a good resume distribution service is easier than you think. There are many resume distribution services out there and with the help of the internet, email, and fax, you aren’t limited to working with resume distribution services in your area. But how do you know which ones are the best? Customer reviews are the way to go.

So how do you find reviews of resume distribution services? Here are a few tips:

1. Google it. The internet is used for everything these days, and finding a reputable resume distribution service is much easier now as a result . Type ‘resume distribution reviews’ into Google and you’ll get thousands of results. It can be a little overwhelming. But a good resume posting service should clearly state on their website what their qualifications are, how the process works, what it costs, and the results you can expect. Better yet, look for a resume posting service that has testimonials from satisfied customers proudly displayed on their website. Customer satisfaction is always a good thing.

2. Forums. On the ubiquitous World Wide Web, there are forums where users discuss just about everything under the sun. Look around for job search forums in which resume distribution services are the topic to see which firms come up the most and what experiences others have had with that firm.

3. Word of Mouth. Depending on the industry you’re in, you probably have friends and colleagues that have used a resume posting service before. Ask around to see which services your friends and colleagues have used before and what their experiences have been. Get contact information for promising services so that you can explore them further.

4. Social Media. Social media websites are so much more than virtual high school reunions these days. They’ve become business tools for many companies and industries. Look around on Facebook or other popular social media websites to see which resume posting services have ‘fan’ pages or groups associated with their business. Clients and customers of those businesses often have the opportunity to leave feedback and testimonials on their page. If one firm has had glowing reviews from its clients, give them a call and get the process started.

Obviously, a resume distribution service can’t guarantee that you’ll get the job. But they know all of the inside tips and tricks of getting your resume into the hands of people that matter. A great resume posting service is one that has a track record of getting people interviews. When looking for resume distribution reviews, go with the one that can help you close the deal.