How to Distinguish a Good Distribution Service from a Poor One

In article marketing, there are many distribution services out there who promise delivery of your articles to the right publishers, but who stall in the process. The result is your article does not receive the wide distribution you desire. Consequently, you don’t receive the traffic to your website that you desire. This means the time you spent on article writing didn’t produce the required return on time and effort expended. This is an inefficient way to run your business.

You, as an affiliate or other type of business marketer need a good article distribution service. You first have to know what constitutes a good article distribution service and what constitutes a poor one. Here are the things to look for when you choose the article distribution service that nets you the productive results your business needs.

The first thing to look for is an article distribution service that allows you to submit an unlimited amount of articles for a set fee for a set time-period. Within that time-period, and for the agreed upon fee, you can submit as many articles as necessary to promote your business and products. With a wide variety of articles, you have the opportunity to reach many different niche audiences. This results in more traffic to your website and different niche markets linking back to you.

Tailor your article writing to each specific niche. Send all these highly targeted articles out for one fee. A poor article distribution program sets a cap on the number of articles you may send in a given time-period and price range. This limits the number of links you get out with this type of distribution service.

A good article distribution service provides you a wide distribution list. A poor article distribution service provides you a limited number of publishers. Again, this doesn’t encourage massive back linking to your website that is necessary to build your internet business. A wide distribution list offers more selection as to where you want your articles to go. Reach a much larger audience this way. Target your article marketing efforts to many publishers. You’re not constrained by a smaller list.

A good article distribution service offers you an extensive list of niche “categories.” You definitely want this ability to perform highly targeted article promotion campaigns. You want not only a broad category list to submit to you want to submit your articles to specialized publishers looking for the exact content you wrote.

If you write an article about the latest changes taking place in business budgeting, you don’t want your only submission option category titled as “Business.” You want a category titled “Accounting-Budgeting.” This way you know your article is reaching a specific niche that needs the timely and relevant content in your article. These are the people who have an interest in your topic. These are the people who are likely to link back to your website for more detailed information. In the “Business” category, your “budgeting” article may reach an audience interested in “guerilla marketing,” not the focus of your article at all.

A good article distribution program offers you the opportunity to focus your articles to a highly specialized market segment. A poor article distribution program does not.

A good article distribution service also offers human review of your articles and the ability to schedule distribution over a period of time. Human review gets a fresh set of eyes on articles so they meet all content and formatting requirements that publishers demand. Human review ensures your articles are not blatant sales pitches. Human review will make sure your article meets the guidelines that enable quick and easy web publishing.

When all these requirements are met, a good article distribution service lets you schedule when your articles are sent out to publishers. You get progressive distribution; which keeps your articles circulating on the net regularly. This allows you a consistent flow of traffic to your website instead of a one-time batch of click backs and then nothing for extended periods.

A poor article distribution service submits articles without human editors looking at your work. They also only allow a one-time distribution and no chance for you to schedule when your articles go out to publishers.

Choose an article distribution service based on the above options. Perform article marketing with a service that lets you control where your articles go and when they go there. You want a fair and reasonable fee for the ability to submit an unlimited amount of articles as well. When you have these options available to you, you are on your way to article marketing success.