Global Concerns Addressed Through Open Innovation

The way to survive in an aggressive and competitive market scenario is through creative innovation. Every company today is equipped with excellent professionals, marketing and R&D teams for carrying on effective research, marketing and branding activities. However, the key to success depends on making use of open innovation that helps generate creative ideas, that distinguishes the brand from others. This process of idea management and idea generation is being adopted by all global brands either to come up with new product development ideas or to resolve an impending concern.

Who could have imagined NASA, the global space research agency to resort to open innovation? NASA in collaboration with Harvand Business School established the NASA Tournament Lab, which is an online platform that offers the entire TopCoder community to compete against each other for providing innovative solutions to the multiple challenges faced by NASA researchers. According to Jason Crusan, Chief Technologist, NASA Human Exploration Operations this open innovation model helped in finding “ways to fill gaps in our technical capabilities”.

One can say that this is one of the primary objectives of idea management technique and open innovation. It helps in connecting the “idea dots” and ending creative blockages by encouraging employees as well as others to contribute their views and opinions. Advanced crowdsourcing software and techniques used by brands establish the fact that a revolutionary idea can be contributed by a common man and can help resolve global concerns.

In the recent past, abrupt climatic changes and global warming has been a critical global concern. An Extremity in both these conditions has the chance of resulting in chronic ailments. In order to tackle this concern, the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence made use of crowdsourcing techniques and encouraged everyone to share their views and potential solutions to the concern. MIT came up with a Climate CoLab and utilized the collective intelligence that came in the form of innovative ideas and creative proposals addressing both global warming and climatic change. Know more on innovation products.

A decade back it was practically impossible to think that the common man could contribute his ideas on serious global concerns. Today enterprises have realized the importance that people are one of the best and primary sources of ideas for open innovation. Their thoughts and viewpoints, based on daily subtle nuances that otherwise goes un noted, can form the base of innovation and knowledge sharing.