Effectiveness Of VNPR, ANPR Technology For Locating Stolen Cars

The VNPR, ANPR Technology are the types of technology which are widely used in modern day world by various countries for safeguarding the security aspect and law and order criterion of the country. Both the VNPR, ANPR Technology are utilized in respect of the surveillance and security systems and these are very useful for the workings of police personnel of the country for tracking the number of different types of vehicles in order to secure collection of toll taxes, parking fees, taxes for pay per use and road taxes etc.

VNPR is an abbreviated form and the expanded form is known as Vista number plate recognition technology and the abbreviated form ANPR is known as automatic number plate recognition technology. Both the technology for automatic recognition of vista number plate and the technology for automatic recognition of number plate became operative from the beginning of the year nineteen hundred seventy and they became very popular immediately on launching of the scheme. This is owing to the fact that VNPR, ANPR Technology is very much fruitful and can be readily utilized by the departments of surveillance and departments of security personnel for controlling the law and order situation effectively.

The main task for the ANPR Technology is reading the image of number plate of a vehicle which is on road. That is why the term technology for recognition of number place is being used. With the help of optical character reading technology, the VNPR, ANPR Technology is applied for getting the images of number plates for various types of vehicles so as to make the task easier for collection of road taxes, parking fees, toll taxes and fines for violating the rules of traffic. Commonly the personnel from the departments of police of different countries utilize technology of ANPR for seizing of the vehicle against which charges of violating the rules of traffic has been imposed.

On number of occasions, applying VNPR, ANPR Technology, personnel of police departments of the various countries can locate the whereabouts of the stolen cars and as a result of this new technology application, the task for searching out the stolen vehicles has become very much easier. Utilizing the ANPR Technology, the police personnel can locate the number plate of a vehicle and thereafter collect the image of the plate bearing the number. Rays of infrared light are utilized for scanning the number plate and the images are stored utilizing ANPR Technology.