Digital Movie Distribution For Independent Filmmakers

A lot independent filmmakers (myself included) and movie distributors have relied on DVD sales to survive in this business. With DVD sales in a steady decline that revenue stream is drying up. It could be premature to pronounce DVD dead as format, but it is fading away.

DVD sales are in a slump leaving independent filmmakers and distributors adrift at sea waiting for a lifeboat to rescue them. That lifeboat looks to be digital movie distribution. Slice Of Americana Films has jumped on board by signing a deal with Gravitas Ventures, a company that is focused on digital movie distribution. How does digital movie distribution differ from traditional distribution?

In my view traditional distribution is based on the old ways of movie distribution. The huge downside for independent filmmakers is the length of the contract they are asked to sign. Some distribution deals terms run as long as 25 years and include all possible distribution rights now or in the future. With the bright tech minds out there there will me many ways to distribute movies have not yet been invented, but will as movie technology continues expand. A 25-year movie distribution deal only favors the distributor’s interest, not that of the true independent filmmaker/.

Digital movie distribution offers more options to independent filmmakers and does not lock them in a deal that’s not in their best interest. I am not giving away any trade secrets. You can listen for yourself to Gravitas Ventures founder Nolan Gallagher speak in an interview with Movie Biz Coach about how their 2-year distribution deal works.

Independent filmmakers that want to take the self-distribution path I digital movie distribution is that golden ticket. I admit I am behind the times on how I view movies and TV shows. I still like to kick back at home watching a DVD I rented from Netflix. But as an independent filmmaker I know I need digital movie distribution to connect with viewers. My business partner Tim Beachum only watches movies and TV shows on a computer or mobile device. That digital market of viewers continues to grow every day with each new mobile device. I have to grow with it our Slice Of Americana Films will go the way of the 8 track.

To meet the demand for digital entertainment Slice Of Americana Films started to explore digital movie distribution outlets for content we created to totally self-distribute on our own. One we found is Digital Product Delivery. A very simple and easy way to self-distribute content digitally and payment is made through your PayPal account. The sweet part is we use Digital Product Delivery to distribute our short content that has been edited and produced strictly to distribute to a global mobile audience.

Digital movie distribution is an exciting platform to deliver entertainment to viewers. It does favor independent filmmakers in my opinion compared to traditional distribution deals. It gives independent filmmakers more control over the distribution process of their work. It’s really hands on.

From my experience once you sign a traditional distribution deal you are removed from the process as a filmmaker. They have their own marketing teams and rarely invite the filmmaker to be involved. It sounds crazy, but it’s been true for me. Keep in mind this is framed totally from one independent filmmaker’s viewpoint. What excites me about digital movie distribution is reaching more viewers instantly. I received an email last week from someone who downloaded a short Slice Of Americana Films released called Club Universe featuring Supermodel Joanna Krupa. The viewer was located in Nagoya, Japan. That blew my mind as an independent filmmaker. This is Sid Kali typing FADE OUT.