CPG Broker Manager

CPG Broker Manager

The term CPG is used to refer to consumer packaged goods, which means the merchandise that consumers use frequently and replace often. CPG can also be used to refer to items that are used every day by regular consumers, that require replacement or replenishment. The demand for this product is usually very large and competitive due to low consumer switching costs, easy and cheap switching of products brand, and high market saturation.

Examples are household products, makeup, tobacco, beverages, etc. The industry is one of the largest sectors in America. They are usually led by companies like Procter & Gamble, L’oreal. The managers of this firm usually enjoy a robust balance sheet and healthy margins as it is a must to fight for space in stores, ensure adequate advertising to increase organizational reputation and sales.

A broker is an intermediary or a trusted agent in a commercial transaction or negotiation while a manager is a person who has the major responsibility of running the affairs of a business or organization with the major aim of achieving the goals or vision of that business.

A CPG broker manager can be defined as a person, that has the ability of running a business or maintaining a transaction or business between the seller and buyer for consumer-packaged goods.

The job may seem quite simple, but it is not for everyone, as it requires certain skills and diligence.

The following are the qualities of every good consumer packaged goods broker manager:

Account Management

The ability to be accountable is a very important quality of every good CPG broker manager. Every account managed must be handled with care and due diligence, making sure that there is no mismanagement and representation at any point in time.


No manager will function effectively without communication. It is a very vital tool for every broker that wants to be successful. A broker manager will have clients and, to keep a relationship with these clients, you must know how to communicate effectively either through writing or speaking.


Every good manager should have a little knowledge about the B2B experience, it will be an added advantage to the business. When a managerial position is run by a novice, it will affect the growth and progress of the business.

There are numerous ways of increasing sales as a broker manager, you must learn to be resourceful, make sure you are good at what you do. Act with intelligence, be an opportunist, always provide insights, and don’t just share raw data. Another useful thing to do is to employ data. The best way to increase sales is by making use of data. Do everything possible to get data, compare, contrast, and identify where previous mistakes are and make necessary adjustments.