CPG Broker Companies

CPG Broker Companies

CPG stands for Consumer-Packaged Goods. CPG are simply products that are used for a short period before they are replaced. Products such as food, beverages, and other household products are consumer packaged goods. They are used daily, and this is in contrast to durable goods which are used for longer time frames. Manufacturers of CPG brands often have to find channels of getting their products to the consumers faster. They do this in various ways and one of the ways they do it is employing the services of a CPG broker.

CPG brokers are direct links to retailers for manufacturers. They make their sale of the CPG products to retail stores straight from the manufacturers. The manufacturers do not have to worry about how to get their goods to the consumers. The CPG brokers ensure that the product gets to the right market.

CPG broker companies are organizations created to provide CPG brokerage services to the manufacturers of such products. They are, either large companies with coverage of the nation, or independent brokers who are specific to particular locations.

Large CPG Broker Companies

Large CPG broker companies have extensive coverage of the country. They have connections with retail stores located in almost every state of the nation. Therefore, dealings with such companies afford the opportunity of your products reaching a large base of customers. 

These companies usually have affiliations with large chain retail stores and most of their connections to retail outlets are built on this relationship.

Large CPG broker companies in the business today include CPGBrokers & Associates, Impact Group, Alliance Sales, and Marketing. These companies deal with all kinds of CPG merchandise and they have connections to chain retail stores like Walmart, CVS pharmacy, Kmart, and many others.

Independent CPG Brokers

These are brokers with no elaborate structure and company organization. Instead, they form networks with individual CPG brokers covering specific locations and markets in the country.

These kinds of CPG broker companies will get your products to the retail stores in local areas and small stores.

A typical example of a network of Independent CPG brokers is the CSN – Consolidated Sales Network. This network is an association of independent brokers nationwide that specializes in CPG products such as drugs, grocery, specialty, and novelties.

Your choice of which CPG companies to do business with will always be linked to your products and your aims. If you aim to establish market dominance with your products, you might want to bear the cost of employing the services of large CPG companies because of their wide reach. However, your choice still rises and falls on the suitability of the CPG broker for your products, otherwise it would be an effort in futility, if the wrong CPG broker is employed.

In conclusion, there are various options available for the choice of CPG broker companies, the right CPG broker company to associate with is always determined by your goals for the product. The choice of the best CPG broker company guarantees maximum sales and profits.