Cleantech Clusters: A Driving Force in Cleantech Innovation

There are a few main problems that the working professional is facing today: a bad economy, a lack of jobs, and a lack of motivation. What people don’t realize is that there is an uprising cleantech revolution coming about, an innovative industry that will not only work towards driving clean technology innovation, but is also creating exciting jobs and vast opportunity.

Cleantech Clusters are a main driving force towards this cleantech innovation, and there are a few main reasons why. Cleantech Clusters are a powerhouse for creative innovation, networking, and revenue.CleanTECH San Diego is an example of why cleantech clusters are so beneficial and successful.

Currently proudly housing over 820 cleantech companies, CleanTECH San Diego is becoming a powerhouse cluster. Within this cleantech cluster are different companies specializing in different areas of Cleantech, including Biotech, High Tech, Research Institutes, Transportation, Biofuels, Solar, and others. As if this weren’t enough, this thriving metropolis of a clean techie’s haven is constantly bringing about thousands of new jobs.

Cleantech clusters like CleanTECH San Diego offer a diverse array of stakeholders within their growing networks. In doing so, they are creating a network not only of people, but also ideas. It is through these collaborating efforts that new ideas and innovative goals are sparked. Cleantech clusters are very beneficial, but are sometimeslimited by their cluster’s geographic location, and therefore only interact with other cleantech companies within their cluster.

Professionals recognize how important cleantech clusters are becoming to the rise of cleantech innovation. In 2010, The Global Cleantech Cluster Association was created in order to link Cleantech Clusters on a worldwide scale, in order to boost innovation and continue the push for the Cleantech Revolution.

An important thing to remember when looking at how important Cleantech clusters are becoming is the idea of open innovation. This is achieved through linking these cleantech communities and clusters from one corner of the world to another. Through events, online contests and networking sites, cleantech professionals can now come together for the same cause and collaborate on projects and ideas.

There are many different issues that need to be addressed in order to make this cleantech revolution a success. However, now with the convenience of cleantech clusters, and bringing different clusters together through open innovation, cleantech innovation is accelerating.

No two minds think alike, and no 2 cleantech clusters function the same exact way, however individually they are a necessity to cleantech innovation, and when they come together the results are even greater. Collaboration is key in order to continue growing as a cleantech industry.