Choosing the Best Article Distribution Service

When it comes time to promote your Internet business and affiliate products you should take advantage of the opportunity that article marketing offers. Quality articles disseminated via a quality, article distribution service is a great way to get your links out on the net.

However, you want to make sure your article distribution service is in fact a good one. There are certain criteria to look at when comparing and selecting the best article distribution service out there. Here are some of those criteria you should look at when you are ready to shop around.

When choosing an article distribution service for your article promotion campaign, choose one that offers you unlimited article distribution. Do not choose a service that limits how many articles you can send them in a given time-period for a given fee. Before you pay a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription fee, make sure you can submit as many articles as you please. Don’t choose an article distribution service that sets a cap on the number of articles you can submit. This caps the amount of links you can get out into cyberspace.

The next thing to consider when choosing a service is the human factor. We have all had enough these days of dealing with virtual, digital, or mechanized assistants. We sometimes want real human beings overseeing our work, concerns, and the like.

A good article distribution service will employ human editors. Yes, real live honest-to-goodness flesh and blood human beings who will actually look at your articles. They will look for content and formatting, and spelling, and grammar flaws. They will notify you of these flaws so you can address them. This ensures only the best quality articles go to niche publishers. When choosing a distribution service for your article submission program choose a service with live editors.

In addition, choose an article distribution service that allows you to submit to a broad spectrum of niche publishers. You want to reach specific target audiences. You want to have a wide variety of categories and sub-categories to submit to on a regular basis. You are writing very specific articles, with focused content.

You want to make sure that content is getting to a precise niche. If you write an article on premium institutional espresso makers, you want that article to go out to a niche restaurant-industry publisher. You want to sell premium espresso makers to this industry. Therefore, you want a specific sub-category that you can select that targets that industry.

Another thing to consider when choosing an article distribution service is time. Do you have the time to write your own article content? If you don’t, then choose an article distribution service that offers custom article writing. One that does will tailor articles to topics of your choosing with the right keywords and the right amount of keywords. You can let this kind of service write, edit, and distribute your articles for you. You can get to other activities that promote your Internet business while they work for you.

Finally, when comparing article distribution services make sure you choose one that offers you the ability to track your submissions. You want to be able to see the submission dates, future automatic submission dates you set, any problems live editors have noted with your articles and the distribution and exposure reports for your articles. This way you know where you stand with your article promotion efforts.

Make a point of comparing different article distribution services. Select one that offers you the above advantages. When you do, you ensure that your article marketing efforts will pay the dividends you require.