Solutions For CPG Brokers Sales and Marketing

Solutions For CPG Brokers Sales and Marketing

 A very large percentage of manufacturers don’t usually appreciate the existence of brokers. These manufacturers believe brokers support several different brands and usually don’t give adequate time to their brands. The service of a broker is unarguably valuable, they help in allowing little organic companies grow faster and become a major competitor in the industry. However, some manufacturers give these brokers access to manage every part of their business and eventually get to lose the profit of the business.

There are a lot of challenges in hiring a broker sale, these challenges are surmountable by following these steps:

Prove Your Expertise

It is not advisable you sit back and watch the broker do everything. Let them also know that you have an idea about what should be done. Take the lead, direct, state your goals and how you want them accomplished clearly and distinctly, so that all possible errors can be avoided. Ensure the hired broker is performing the required obligation. Give your brokers the best support they need, it will make them achieve better result.

Control your business

It is important you own and control the broker and every communication within the trade. Don’t allow the sales broker or marketer to control the image and message you want to convey. It is your brand, be in charge of selling, marketing materials, business intelligence and business reviews.

Effective Communication

The most important thing in every business is communication. ensure yourself and the broker do not have any misconception about anything relating to your business. If possible, schedule regular meetings and follow up on your broker. Always update your brand on the latest development in the market. it is also paramount you provide this new information to your broker and marketer so that they can align themselves with your expectations and latest trend.

Measure The Performance Of Your Broker and Marketer

There are different ways of measuring the capacity of your broker, one of the most reliable is the use of the key performance indicator. Always check the rate of change for each of the 4p’s in marketing: price, place, promotion and product. You can always measure the rate of change in your products by the increase in profit, you can also check that of place by calculating the percentage of the market that you have as customers. Vividly state your merchandising, distribution, promotion objectives and pricing benchmark. So that you can always ascertain if the marketer or broker is underperforming or not. Be opened to opportunities around your key performance indicators and maximize them effectively to grow your sales. Finally ensure you draw up a score card to monitor and track you broker and marketers progress.

The essence of CPG brokers is to make your business better, however if your business is not improving, check their performance and take appropriate step to curb their excesses and put them on track.

CPG Retail Brokers

CPG Retail Brokers

A CPG broker is a person that serves the needs of individual consumer packaged goods. Just like every other broker, they serve as middlemen between buyers and sellers, act as agents for retail brokerage companies, that sells consumer packaged goods. A retail broker must be licensed before they can be allowed to operate.

Every brand that wants to get on the shelf must always hire a retail broker. These brokers are very knowledgeable and experienced about how to get things done. The retail broker has a better relationship with the buyers of the consumer-packaged goods, so they can give you the opportunity or help you get your products in the market. Retail brokers are very important for every manufacturer because they will offer enough information needed to move the business forward and increase the profit of the organization. Retail brokers are needed by every firm and hiring one will depend on the size of your firm, the complexity of working with a retailer that is slow to learning, how fast you want to grow, and the number of funds you have to support and market your brand. Retail brokers are not too hard to find, it just involves risk in locating a competent one.

To find a good broker, you must first locate brokerage companies that have the best of retailers with them. The way you manage a retail broker is also very crucial and important. Ensure you get a written agreement on sales material that will be provided to the broker, the specific retail chains to be used, the territory to operate within, compensation, and the right to hire a sub-broker and other contractual terms. Expanding your brand is the responsibility of your broker, therefore ensure you don’t just hire any type of broker, you have to hire the best and the most proven by professionals.

How to Identify a Good Retail Broker

  • Information

The very best of a retail broker is one that has a very sound knowledge of the market and also has access to very good information about consumers’ demand, preference, and specification.

  • Connections

A good retail broker has a good connection to the best marketer, distributors, best stores and knows how to penetrate the market to convince consumers about your products, irrespective of their thoughts. This retailer brokers will grant you access to their attorneys and contractors.

  • Knowledge

One of the most important characteristics of a competent retail broker is the sound knowledge and experience of the market. Their experience has a lot to say about the type of business they have handled, how they succeeded, and their ability to also do very well in developing your brand. If you don’t employ an experienced broker, your brand would be used for experiments.

Venturing into consumer-packaged goods require the ability and experience to succeed, employing a retail broker will allow you to focus on other parts of your brand and help your brand become better.  

What is a CPG Broker

What is a CPG Broker

A consumer-packaged good broker can be defined as scouts or agents that work in the grocery industry. Their duties are usually numerous and, one of their major assignments is to connect retailers with brand owners and ensure that deals are appropriately negotiated.

An established experienced broker can build and maintain a crucial relationship with the best grocery retailers and smaller specialty stores. However, the growth of the brand does not only rest on the ability of the firm but also rests on the broker because they also have important parts to play.

A CPG broker will not mind the cost of establishing the relationship and, they would always do everything within their ability to make sure the business keeps booming and experiencing an increase in daily sales. If you don’t hire a CPG broker, don’t expect your business to be on the same level as that of the business that hires one because a CPG broker will connect your business by using their depth knowledge in the grocery industry. They have so much experience and understanding of what should be done and what should be neglected.

Also, the brokers have good solid connections, that your business may need to move to the next level. They have contacts from the best retailers, local markets, and large chain stores that would help your goods be on the best store shelve in the country. You can also be guaranteed of timesaving because the time you would use in networking with store managers and buyers would now be used for some other things because the broker already has these relationships established and settled.

Another thing to note about CPG brokers is that they do much more than just sell your products, they ensure they employ useful and meaningful means to grow your business and make it one of the best to reckon within the country. In actual sense, these people are your representative in the grocery industry. When you cannot appear, they are the ones that would appear in front of customers to sell your goods and ensure you make a profit. Sometimes, some products are usually in the chopping block. If your product appears on such a block, your broker has to negotiate deals and promotions to keep your products in the store. A CPG broker is that person that would allow you to focus on some other areas of your business while they go around town getting and providing information to increase your product sales. There is no weak part of a business, so the owner must manage the brand effectively. The presence of a broker will ease off your stress in the area of selling and allow you to give adequate attention to other areas of your business.

A CPG broker is more than a middleman. They will move your business forward through the use of their experience and requisite knowledge of the market.       

CPG Target Broker

CPG Target Broker

There are a lot of factors that make for a successful business, especially in the sale of consumer- packaged goods. If you must sell well and increase your sales, then you need to be efficient and effective. The easiest way to be effective and efficient is through setting targets. A CPG target broker is a person who arranges a consumer- packaged good selling relationship between the seller and the buyer, with a benchmark or standard as the target to be achieved to get a commission.

Consumer purchased goods are fast selling as they are one of the most demanded by consumers in the market, it is fast changing into web-based applications and computerization for supply chain management, marketing automation, and customer relationship management. The CPG sector receives products from Oracle, SAP, and vendors. The best way to maximize targets and make them achievable is by being effective as the best CPG target broker.

Ways to be effective are:

Have a Good Perspective & Visualize

The best way to keep working better is to have a clear picture of the desired brand. Visualize your business ten years from now, get the previous record, correct them, improve them, and act on record. You must always ensure you conduct research, you can get reports through referrals and canvassing through a neighborhood. Hoping and dreaming will not change anything, plan, and take good steps to bring your perspective and vision to reality.


Overburdening yourself with too much work is not a solution, it doesn’t change anything it only leads to frustration. Ensure you give out some duties and tasks to other members of the team, they might also have better knowledge that will prefer the solution to the challenges or questions posed by clients. Learn to manage effectively and ensure you train others, so they can do the same task that you can do. When more hands are in operation, it yields a better result.

Plan & Strategize

As a broker, nothing is more important than getting jobs from high-quality manufacturers. If you don’t have a good structure, your business may never be ranked as one of the best and you will also not get a job from the best manufacturers. In assessing a good client, trust, sales goals, or targets for you and responsiveness to communication is very vital. As soon as all of the following factors have been identified, planning and strategizing is crucial. Take time to work out the necessary steps and actions to engage to bring all of the business expectations to reality.

A CPG target broker must not only delegate, plan, and strategize, a broker also has the responsibility to bring everything to reality. The targets may be hard or soft but what is important is to ensure that the target must be met, and goals accomplished. Never stop at the beginning as a broker, continue until the target is met.

List of CPG Sales Brokerage

List of CPG Sales Brokerage

Every firm or business that wants to grow, must understand that hiring a sales broker is a must. When a firm is into the business of acting as a broker, it is called brokerage. One of the assured ways of controlling the pace of growth is sticking to a direct or using a limited number of brokers.

A broker is a person who establishes a relationship between the seller and the buyer for a commission. A good broker will always help you with navigating retail vendor systems especially with the major retailers, paperwork, and sales data every week. Finding a broker is usually hard, in most cases, it is a trial and error business at the beginning. Some people start by obtaining referrals and interviewing the prospects by finding out which lines they currently represent. Referral sources usually include, tradeshows and association, Internet searches, and LinkedIn groups.

Another means is by finding trade journals related to your products and looking for ads from brokerage companies. What’s important? Know, if the brokerage currently represents any direct competitor, because the broker might be in the position where the brokerage can influence the buyer to put a competitor on shelf space at the expense of another. There is only a key factor here, and that is the broker’s experience and access to the buyer. If you don’t test a particular broker, you won’t know so much about them and what they can offer. Testing different brokers will allow you make good decisions about whether to hire a particular broker or not.

The consumer-packaged-goods brokerage has a very long list, and the participants of this list are:


This is a leading brokerage company. Their retail channels include drug, club, mass, dollar, and amazon. They are transparent, full of integrity, and provide clients with instant expertise in consumer-packaged goods and have the best local team to work for the business.


They offer a better service, extra performance for the consumer-packaged goods industry. Their services provide direct broker access and support to a network of strategic regional brokers for all classes of drugs, mass merchandise, food, nutrition, and military.


This is a guaranteed consumer packaged goods consultant that offers service, expertise, and analytical framework tailored for the CPG Sales brokerage industry to leverage on data and provide a good margin improvement for business in this industry. They successfully drive profitability investments and manage the most important metrics by using the cloud-based business intelligence solution kinimetrix.

Sales brokerage will handle your business better and provide a huge result compared to hiring other firms.  

CPG Broker Manager

CPG Broker Manager

The term CPG is used to refer to consumer packaged goods, which means the merchandise that consumers use frequently and replace often. CPG can also be used to refer to items that are used every day by regular consumers, that require replacement or replenishment. The demand for this product is usually very large and competitive due to low consumer switching costs, easy and cheap switching of products brand, and high market saturation.

Examples are household products, makeup, tobacco, beverages, etc. The industry is one of the largest sectors in America. They are usually led by companies like Procter & Gamble, L’oreal. The managers of this firm usually enjoy a robust balance sheet and healthy margins as it is a must to fight for space in stores, ensure adequate advertising to increase organizational reputation and sales.

A broker is an intermediary or a trusted agent in a commercial transaction or negotiation while a manager is a person who has the major responsibility of running the affairs of a business or organization with the major aim of achieving the goals or vision of that business.

A CPG broker manager can be defined as a person, that has the ability of running a business or maintaining a transaction or business between the seller and buyer for consumer-packaged goods.

The job may seem quite simple, but it is not for everyone, as it requires certain skills and diligence.

The following are the qualities of every good consumer packaged goods broker manager:

Account Management

The ability to be accountable is a very important quality of every good CPG broker manager. Every account managed must be handled with care and due diligence, making sure that there is no mismanagement and representation at any point in time.


No manager will function effectively without communication. It is a very vital tool for every broker that wants to be successful. A broker manager will have clients and, to keep a relationship with these clients, you must know how to communicate effectively either through writing or speaking.


Every good manager should have a little knowledge about the B2B experience, it will be an added advantage to the business. When a managerial position is run by a novice, it will affect the growth and progress of the business.

There are numerous ways of increasing sales as a broker manager, you must learn to be resourceful, make sure you are good at what you do. Act with intelligence, be an opportunist, always provide insights, and don’t just share raw data. Another useful thing to do is to employ data. The best way to increase sales is by making use of data. Do everything possible to get data, compare, contrast, and identify where previous mistakes are and make necessary adjustments.

CPG Broker Companies

CPG Broker Companies

CPG stands for Consumer-Packaged Goods. CPG are simply products that are used for a short period before they are replaced. Products such as food, beverages, and other household products are consumer packaged goods. They are used daily, and this is in contrast to durable goods which are used for longer time frames. Manufacturers of CPG brands often have to find channels of getting their products to the consumers faster. They do this in various ways and one of the ways they do it is employing the services of a CPG broker.

CPG brokers are direct links to retailers for manufacturers. They make their sale of the CPG products to retail stores straight from the manufacturers. The manufacturers do not have to worry about how to get their goods to the consumers. The CPG brokers ensure that the product gets to the right market.

CPG broker companies are organizations created to provide CPG brokerage services to the manufacturers of such products. They are, either large companies with coverage of the nation, or independent brokers who are specific to particular locations.

Large CPG Broker Companies

Large CPG broker companies have extensive coverage of the country. They have connections with retail stores located in almost every state of the nation. Therefore, dealings with such companies afford the opportunity of your products reaching a large base of customers. 

These companies usually have affiliations with large chain retail stores and most of their connections to retail outlets are built on this relationship.

Large CPG broker companies in the business today include CPGBrokers & Associates, Impact Group, Alliance Sales, and Marketing. These companies deal with all kinds of CPG merchandise and they have connections to chain retail stores like Walmart, CVS pharmacy, Kmart, and many others.

Independent CPG Brokers

These are brokers with no elaborate structure and company organization. Instead, they form networks with individual CPG brokers covering specific locations and markets in the country.

These kinds of CPG broker companies will get your products to the retail stores in local areas and small stores.

A typical example of a network of Independent CPG brokers is the CSN – Consolidated Sales Network. This network is an association of independent brokers nationwide that specializes in CPG products such as drugs, grocery, specialty, and novelties.

Your choice of which CPG companies to do business with will always be linked to your products and your aims. If you aim to establish market dominance with your products, you might want to bear the cost of employing the services of large CPG companies because of their wide reach. However, your choice still rises and falls on the suitability of the CPG broker for your products, otherwise it would be an effort in futility, if the wrong CPG broker is employed.

In conclusion, there are various options available for the choice of CPG broker companies, the right CPG broker company to associate with is always determined by your goals for the product. The choice of the best CPG broker company guarantees maximum sales and profits.

Best CPG brokers

Best CPG Brokers

The services of CPG brokers are sought after by both manufacturers and retailers because they play an important role in getting the best sales for both businesses. However, the best CPG broker for one retailer or manufacturer might not be the same for the other. The quest is, therefore, to identify the CPG broker that would be the best for the business.

Identifying the best CPG broker for one’s company is a bit of work, as there are so many options available to choose from. Firstly, what’s the interest of the company – what are the goals of the company? How wide do you want your reach to be? What kind of products do you want to sell?

Ask these questions, and more, to know what your exact expectations are. This way, you know what kind of CPG broker you need to find. Then you may proceed to find them.

How to Find the Best CPG Brokers


This is the first step of the journey. Look for CPG brokers where you can find them. It may be through referrals or checking local directories. Trade journals and magazines related to your products, trade shows, Internet searches and LinkedIn are also potential sources. You will either find independent brokers or brokers of large national companies, or even sole-proprietor companies.

Seek testimony

After identifying potential CPG brokers, to know if they can do what you want, you need to ask about their previous dealings and experiences. Know what they have done before and if they have the experience you need. You need to know about their access to buyers and their relationship with your competitor products.

Sometimes, it is not about the experience of the CPG broker, but it is necessary you know what they are capable of before sailing with them.

Interact and Relate.

You need to relate to the CPG broker your aims, and know what his or her aims are. This will allow you know what they want and if they can bear your interest to your satisfaction. This is when you will be able to know if the relationship you want to start with the broker is right and best for your company.

CPG Insurance Brokers

CPG Insurance Brokers

Every industry needs good insurance policies for it to run smoothly. The CPG industry is not an exception. However, conventional insurance quotes cannot suffice for a CPG business. The peculiarities of the business require that it has special insurance policies provided for the smooth running of the company.

Managing the risks of a CPG brand can be quite demanding. The brands can’t determine the extent of the insurance coverage they need. Also, insurance brokers do not understand what the business of consumer-packaged goods (CPG) entails. Therefore, there are always gaps in the insurance policies of CPG brands. They are either underinsured or mis-insured.

When events like product recall and contamination happen, there are many implications especially financial ones for a CPG brand. These risks have to be covered in an insurance policy. Huge costs are involved in recalling products off the shelves, destroying them and replacing them with new ones. The interesting thing to note is that insurance policies on product recall vary. CPG brands also risk lawsuits by consumers who claim damage done to them by-products.

CPG companies also deal with risks associated with conventional companies such as employee management, fidelity, and many others. They even have more auto risk to deal with considering their extensive use of automobiles to transport their goods.

There are not many options for CPG insurance brokers available nationwide. There are only a few insurance companies dedicated to CPG companies to help them manage the peculiar risks they encounter in their daily business.

Some of these CPG insurance brokers include:

Titanium CPG insurance

Founded by veterans who were once in the CPG business, Titanium promises to offer insurance packages that fit and suit the risks and opportunities associated with the business. They provide a robust catalog of insurance policies for CPG brands.

Amelia Risk

Amelia is an all-women-managed insurance brokerage company dedicated to managing unique risk industries and the CPG industry is part of their reach. They provide a variety of coverage policies such as product liability.

There are various kinds of insurance policies provided by CPG insurance brokers for their clients. Based on the needs of the CPG company, the CPG insurance broker implements the appropriate policies. Some of the policies available include product recall, product liability, general liability, umbrella liability, auto liability, stock throughput, and many others. These policies cover specific risks associated with the CPG industry.

For example, product recall covers the costs associated with recalling defective products, destroying them and replacing them with new ones while product liability comes into play when there is a claim of physical injury or damage by a consumer due to a product. Each of these insurance policies is well suited to the peculiarities of a CPG brand.

It is recommended that CPG brands ensure adequate insurance of their products as the only way they can successfully scale through the hurdles and uncertainties of the marketplace.

Top CPG Brokers

If you are trying to establish a direct connection between you and your retailers and you also need an efficient link that supplies direct quality products, what you need is a CPG broker to get the job done.

CPG stands for consumer-packaged goods and a CPG broker is a direct link between the manufacturers of these products and the retailers. They are important for ensuring sales and presence of products in the right markets.

There are long lists of CPG brokers who are in the business. Choosing the best and right one for your products is a crucial step to take if you want to employ their service.

An important factor to consider when searching for a CPG broker is the extent of their reach – their client base. Depending on the aims of your company; the number of stores the broker can get your products to is a factor to consider, because it will determine how rewarding the relationship with the broker will be. Top CPG brokers have extensive coverage of the market and they know which segment of the market a product should be sold to.

Another thing to note is that each CPG broker has a niche – the kind of products they deal in. The wise and most sensible thing to do is to find CPG brokers that deal in the kind of the products you sell.

The top CPG broker of your choice should have experience with dealing with brands related to your products. This will help a lot in understanding the dynamics of the market you want to sell your products.

In the industry today, there are a number of CPG brokers that have distinguished themselves among others and are on top of their game. These CPG brokers have proved over time their credibility and efficiency in the business.

The following is a list of top CPG brokers nationwide:

  1. Impact Group

This is a CPG broker company that specializes in brokerage services for all types of CPG products. They even provide other services to their clients such as data analytics for the sales of their goods.

  • CPG Brokers & Associates

They are known to deal in all kinds of products from beauty products, DIY, mass merchandise, food products and drugs.

  • Alliance Sales and Marketing

Asides an extensive coverage, they also provide other services such as product awareness, online services among many others.

  • CSN – Consolidated Sales Network

This is a group of independent food brokers in the nation and they specialize in c-store products, drug grocery and specialty products.

On a final note, top CPG brokers are easy to identify with the success they attain in their business. A good rule of the thumb is to look out for the top CPG brokers that are right for your business and you will never regret doing so.