Best CPG brokers

Best CPG Brokers

The services of CPG brokers are sought after by both manufacturers and retailers because they play an important role in getting the best sales for both businesses. However, the best CPG broker for one retailer or manufacturer might not be the same for the other. The quest is, therefore, to identify the CPG broker that would be the best for the business.

Identifying the best CPG broker for one’s company is a bit of work, as there are so many options available to choose from. Firstly, what’s the interest of the company – what are the goals of the company? How wide do you want your reach to be? What kind of products do you want to sell?

Ask these questions, and more, to know what your exact expectations are. This way, you know what kind of CPG broker you need to find. Then you may proceed to find them.

How to Find the Best CPG Brokers


This is the first step of the journey. Look for CPG brokers where you can find them. It may be through referrals or checking local directories. Trade journals and magazines related to your products, trade shows, Internet searches and LinkedIn are also potential sources. You will either find independent brokers or brokers of large national companies, or even sole-proprietor companies.

Seek testimony

After identifying potential CPG brokers, to know if they can do what you want, you need to ask about their previous dealings and experiences. Know what they have done before and if they have the experience you need. You need to know about their access to buyers and their relationship with your competitor products.

Sometimes, it is not about the experience of the CPG broker, but it is necessary you know what they are capable of before sailing with them.

Interact and Relate.

You need to relate to the CPG broker your aims, and know what his or her aims are. This will allow you know what they want and if they can bear your interest to your satisfaction. This is when you will be able to know if the relationship you want to start with the broker is right and best for your company.