5 Unique Distinctions Between Innovation and Also Invention

The terms “innovation” and also “invention” are so closely related and yet different that it is usually tricky to utilize them appropriately. Here is how they differ in definition, idea source, application, illustration and example, and relationship to one another.

There are numerous words in the English language which often seem so relevant to each other that it may be difficult to differentiate between them. “Innovation” and “invention” are two such words. Knowing the difference between these is important, especially if you must use them in marketing and advertising, demonstrations or, simply, life in general.


Based on the Merriam Webster dictionary, “invention” can be defined as “something invented like a product of the creativity or system, contrivance, or procedure originated after study and test.” As opposed to this, what is innovation? The same dictionary identifies “innovation” as “the launch of new stuff or a new concept, approach or even system.” From this definition alone, it can be fully understood that invention is the process of creating a completely brand new and wholly original concept or item as a result of comprehensive research and also testing. Innovation, however, deals with developing something that had already been existing.

Idea resource

One of the most unique differences between innovation and invention is based on resource of the idea. Even though both concepts deal with the process of coming out with new ideas or perhaps methods, invention is the outcome of original thought. That is to say, invention is the process of taking a conceptual or abstract thought and making it tangible. On the other hand, innovation relies on improving a present or active approach, system or process, and while this may involve a specific level of originality, innovation takes an existing idea and performs on improving or optimizing this idea to come up with something better.


It’s one factor to see the difference between invention and innovation, but it’s yet another to learn how to apply these in life. Innovation is a thing that is essential in every enterprise. This is merely because it is more difficult to come up with fresh inventions than it is to continuously enhance a given strategy or product. It’s also one of the valued tools in the marketing and advertising industry because every enterprise competes to outsell others depending on their numerous innovations.

Illustrations and also examples

In order to easily determine the differences between innovation and invention, there are tangible examples in daily life that make great illustrations. The phone, for example, was the excellent invention of Alexander Graham Bell. Through the years however, several researchers, scientists and also technologists have modified his concept, and the many different kinds of cellphones are a result of innovations based on the very first telephone. Innovation is a method that continues on throughout the years and maintains a particular invention. Although fresh inventions are hard to get, there’s no stopping the innovations and also improvements which will continue being performed to them.


Besides the obvious distinctions between invention and also innovation, it is true that the two share an association. In fact, it could be declared innovation is the by product of invention, or that invention is exactly what leads to innovation. The reality of the issue, however, is that we cannot live without both invention or innovation simply because everything in our lives is affected by the products borne out of invention and improved by innovation.

The opportunity to tell these two terms apart will be handy, whether in life’s applications or just when it comes to illustrating an argument. Get it right from the beginning and save yourself and others confusion in the future.

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