Responding to Today Competitive Distribution Challenges With an Effective Distribution Software

Wholesale distribution is an established, complicated and dynamic business where distributers face several challenges which they must overcome. In distribution the outspoken challenges includes meeting the demands and requirements customers, adjusting margins continually to account for higher supplier cost and managing diverse and complex product inventories. With all these in place you have to acquire competitive distribution software to counter all these challenges.

In business building up from challenges will lead to strong empire. Challenges are supposed to represent opportunities and not downfall for a business. If you are not going to respond to these challenges, global wholesale distribution competitors are fully aware of this and they are responding to them effectively. For those looking to stay ahead of the competition, it will be critical to implement tools that will assist business systems and at the same time provide visibility across the full scope of distribution business. Having the right tools you empower collaboration through information which will result business growth and will enable smart, fast decision making. This will make you gain edge in the competitive environment.

From the current trends, leaders in business are saying goodbye to manual process by going for automated systems. Investing in technology in distribution business is proving to be more productive and efficient. Automation systems provide integrated workflows and collaboration to all parties in demand to full fill network across each and every inventory in the stream.

Distribution management software is suitable for small, midsize and large scale distributers. Though when you are choosing which system to install, you must consider the size of your business before implementing. The cost to implement this distribution software depends on flexibility and the size of your distribution business. The system must be functional and sufficiently reduce work load. Having distribution software in place is meant to make the processes efficient and fast.

Different business leaders choose to buy or pay a monthly subscription fee for these distribution software modules. There is no limitation though in terms of ownership, you have the option to invest in onsite hardware and infrastructure as well. Another important aspect you must consider is whether the system you are installing is user friendly and your employees have positive response to it. Have each of the member of distribution business contribute to the key functional units of the anticipated system.

When you have a right distribution management system you will maximize productivity of both the staff and the business in general. Choose a system which brings benefits to the company by accurately giving best results and reduce cost associated with slow moving stock.

7 Technology Transfer Officer Tips For Tough Economic Times

There is no doubt that these are tough economic times. Unemployment is high and credit is tight. Key indicates show that is the worse economy in a generation. Many technology transfer offices have seen potential business partners reduce their innovation portfolios and expenditures. This coupled with a reduction in funding sources, from grants and investors to university sources are blowing the technology transfer research commercialization efforts into the perfect storm.

There are difficulties and challenges, but these times also create opportunities. Here are seven tips to help your technology transfer office succeed in these tough economic times.

1. Maintain a list of problems that are relevant to the research and technologies in the pipeline.

Technology transfer offices typically get involved in research commercialization efforts late in the research and testing process. Get involved earlier in the process and start developing a list of problems of which the research can be applied.

This is really an early brainstorming exercise. Don’t just talk to the researchers. Get business input from those who are not involved with the research or the research teams. Independent ideas can be worth their weight in gold.

2. Develop long-term business relationships.

“Dig the well before you are thirsty.”
-Chinese Proverb

Start developing business relationships with business leaders from a wide range of industries. Do this even before you have any applicable research or solutions for them. These relationships will pay off in two ways.

* You will have a better understanding of the types of challenges that these businesses face.
* When you do have promising research technologies and solutions you already have a relationship with the business or their contacts.

3. Pair researchers with business mentors.

Researchers think like researchers. Business people think like business people. Getting the two to communicate with each other versus talking to each other is a common technology transfer office challenge.

Providing a business mentor to promising research leaders will help alleviate this common problem. This continuous conduit will go a lot further than a long forgotten entrepreneurial seminar.

4. Develop alternative commercialization strategies early.

Good business people know that there is always a chance that their efforts may fail. Technology transfer officers know this too. Unfortunately, many researchers and inventors do not think about this, much less plan for it.

Most inventors think that their invention is world changing and worth millions. They have visions of establishing a company based on their research or technology, selling it for millions, and retiring in the lap of luxury.

The truth of the matter is that nine out of ten spin offs and startups will fail. You, can as the technology transfer officer can improve these odds.

I sit on the advisory board for some start up focused investment funds. One of the strategies that we have developed recently is to go for the big distribution partnering deal with large companies. When that doesn’t work – we find out why and have alternative proposals available.

This alternative could be limited distribution agreements on licensing deals. It really doesn’t matter what the alternative is. What does matter is that you get to stay in the game and get a return on the sunk costs.

5. Reduce risks for all involved.

It wasn’t that long ago that many universities shunned the entire technology transfer process. They wanted their faculty teaching and doing research, not commercializing their intellectual property. My, how times have changed.

Now universities love the revenue that comes from royalties and equity distributions and sales that are associated with intellectual property commercialization. Businesses are always looking for a competitive advantage and right now innovation is the soup de jour, except for one thing …RISK!

In order to get more businesses interested in potential technology look for new ways to reduce their potential risks. Right now cash is king. Instead of negotiating a lower royalty percentage, offer your potential licensor a deferred royalty agreement at a higher percentage. This is the business innovator’s version of “no interest payments for 3 years”.

This approach allows the business to conserve cash today and the university to reap more money in the long run. It’s better than the technology sitting on the shelf waiting to become obsolete.

6. Teach bootstrapping to your startups.

All technology startups need money. That is a known fact. The truth is that many could get by with less money than they think that they need. There in lies the art of bootstrapping. Bootstrapping basically means to start and operate a business without lots of investment funds. It requires the entrepreneur to focus on sales and to hold fixed costs to an absolute minimum.

Bootstrapping requires a unique mindset that few lead researchers turned entrepreneurs can relate to. It takes a special entrepreneur to be able to successfully bootstrap a business.
Help your lead researchers and startup teams. Get some experienced bootstrappers on your advisory and consulting teams and pass the knowledge on to your startups.

7. Partner with other technology transfer offices.

Technology transfer offices provide a valuable service to both the university and their research communities. They play a vital role in the economic development of their respective communities and states. Unlike many organizations involved in the invention commercialization process they do not compete.

Some technology transfer offices such as Stanford and MIT are the envy of their peers, however most technology transfer offices do not reside in a geographic area that harbors entrepreneurship in its DNA.

Partnering with other technology transfer offices offers many unique benefits that cannot be found though other means. It opens up dialogue and support for represented research and technologies to new areas and new commercialization ideas. It develops relationships with other potential business partners and fosters potential research synergies.

Targeted TTO partnerships can lead to specific research pairing with higher degrees of commercialization potential. This focused effort will, in the long run, yield a high degree of return on investment.

These 7 technology transfer officer tips can help you reduce your operating costs and increase your revenue generation success rate. It’s a win for society, the researcher, the business community, the university, and YOU!

Taking Entrepreneur Classes to Hone Your Business Skills

Entrepreneur classes are incorporated when you take up business-related courses. But these classes are not limited only to those who are taking business degree at the moment rather everyone who is interested to become an entrepreneur can always take classes whether in full term or short courses. As you start, bear in mind that there is no certain class or subject that can really guarantee success as you venture or initiate a business, these entrepreneur classes can somehow inculcate knowledge and principles that will help you on your way to your desired destination, which is to succeed and thrive amidst the competitive market.

Entrepreneur classes will bring out the best in you granting that you have the resources, right attitude and drive in starting a business. The step-by step guide that these will give you is valuable and tested to be beneficial as you go along.

If you are planning to undertake these classes, you are sure that the knowledge that you get from these are practicable and something that you can keep in mind. You will not only learn the basic principles of running the business but you are also exposed to possible setbacks or problems and how to go about with these hindrances for you to overcome.

Basically everyone can take entrepreneur classes. The principles you learn are not only applicable to the business but on how you face life as well. The people who are interested in taking the classes are those who are hoping to be entrepreneurs after they graduate or for extra knowledge if ever they are doing business.

Entrepreneur classes will make you familiar with technical details about business and how the whole process of business works. Taking the subject matter will give you the confidence and prepare you somehow as you face the real competitive world. Taking entrepreneurship class will also make you familiar with venturing to capital firms. It will give you the idea on how to invest or where to place your resources and maximize returns. It will also open your mind to any other business opportunities that you might be interested in undertaking in the near future.

Some students taking up the class are those whose burden is to manage the family business. So instead of enrolling to some other fields of specialization, chances are, these students are required to concentrate on their business and continue the legacy. In this way, they will be trained and be equipped on how they can cause growth and expansion to the business and to evaluate their position alongside with their competitors.

Entrepreneur courses can be taken up in traditional setting or via the Internet. One of the advantages of technological advancements is making our lives more convenient and easy. With the online entrepreneur classes, one has the chance of balancing work and continuing studies. There is ease in undertaking subjects since you can have them within the comforts of your home.

With different options presented to us, we always have the chance to improve the quality of our lives and have the opportunity to venture on business by allowing ourselves to be equipped with the right knowledge through entrepreneur classes.

The Savvy Home Business Entrepreneur’s Owner’s Manual For Making Bank

Not long ago I pointed out that I’ve wanted to be a knowledgeable property company entrepreneur since I was within the 3rd grade. I may well not have said it in exactly those words at the time-entrepreneur is really a massive word for a 3rd grade kid!

Nevertheless, it was usually a personal objective for me to head my own company.

These days I’d prefer to share with you my 5 expert recommendations which are guidelines for my own , personal home-based business:

A savvy home business entrepreneur keeps the huge picture in mind. What I mean by this is which you must work smart. Sadly, I’ve seen too a lot of home business entrepreneurs get lost in the details. They do not maintain the huge picture in mind enough to earn a profit.

The major goal of all your work for your organization should be your financial success along together with your persuasive call to action for other people.

A savvy home business entrepreneur establishes themselves as an expert in their network marketing niche. Ideally, you would like to be the point individual, the expert that other people turn to, when they want an opinion on the latest news in their property business field. The very best method to build this reputation is via a strong on the internet presence.

Article marketing, blogs, videos, and social media networks are powerful methods to get your thoughts out swiftly to your niche audience. Consistency and quality are crucial in creating a persuasive presence as a reputable entrepreneur in the home company world.

A savvy business entrepreneur knows when to get outside support. Be honest with yourself about your professional strengths and weaknesses so which you can hire the outside support which you need.

For example, there are freelance writing companies that can offer you with the written materials to start to produce your profile as the go-to entrepreneur for your specific house company niche.

A savvy entrepreneur creatively and consistently builds a client’s trust. It’s been proven much more than once that trust can be a key factor for a sales conversion to take place. For me, it’s essential to be identified by my clients as an individual who’ll talk about the very good, the bad, along with the ugly within the world of mlm marketing. My honest analysis is one of my biggest calling cards.

This also means sharing a couple of details about my life. It’s amazing-sometimes the easy reality of telling a prospective client that I grew up in Maryland makes the sale take place.

A savvy business entrepreneur has a life outside of the residence office. There was a time when I was so focused on succeeding with my home-based business, that I let my personal relationships slide. I had to learn the tough way which you need to be motivated by your home-based company, but you shouldn’t be consumed by it.

My life as a home based business entrepreneur is even more satisfying than I ever imagined as a 3rd grader with large dreams. I hope that your home business is going to be bigger than you ever dreamed also!

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What are the best characters of a woman entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t count on what gender you are in, long as you have all the superb qualities to become one then you all have what it takes to become one of the competitive entrepreneur in this generation. Women are seen in nature as the best manager and leader. Not to mention that they are also best in organizing things, no wonder that they are the best man for a business job. Yes they are! But becoming one of them is not just simply cooking your favorite food, thus it necessitates valuable skills and talents for you to become a successful woman entrepreneur. If you want to know how to become one of them, dwell in this article since it tackles about the top qualities of a woman entrepreneur.

1. Strong Leadership Skills.

You can never be a good entrepreneur if you don’t have compelling leadership skills. I tell you this! if you are dreaming to become a businessman, starting from now ask yourself these questions “Can I handle a team? Am I born to be a leader? Always keep in mind that a leader should be well-motivated and determined in reaching the company’s goal. You must also encourage employees at all times and converse with them to create a strong building relationship. Take note! they are also the source of your living, so be nice at them and always lead them towards success.

2. Dynamic

Did you know that successful entrepreneurs are always go-getters? Yes they are! As an entrepreneur having full of energy is highly needed to face the daily business challenges. A good woman entrepreneur should be energetic, focused and of course a good communicator.

3. Good Listener

A good woman entrepreneur must be a good listener. Sharing your decision, seeking opinions, listening and accepting other business ideas are best to attain development.

4. Risk-taker

The best women entrepreneur are those thrill-taker, who are not afraid to take chances and deal with it in the most creative way she can.

5. Ambitious

Being ambitious is best if you are dealing and managing a business, this would let you dream of achieving something. Be competitive! Remember your business is competing to same business type, so always think of being at the top and be superior in your endeavor.

6. Strong organizational skills

Being organized is linked to having strong time management skills. This attitude will help you keep track of every task, motivates you to be productive and helps you use your time efficiently and effectively.

7. Optimistic

Ups and downs are always present in every undertaking. Downfall is truly inevitable, though it might be very appalling; the important thing is you stay being optimistic and you always see challenge as an opportunity for you to grow and develop.

Possessing those qualities cannot be done in just a single tick, hence it should be properly practice and develop within you. Swear! if you take this sincerely, months from now you can proudly say to yourself that “I have what it takes to become a successful woman entrepreneur.”

Pennsylvania & New Jersey Business Broker

A Neumann & Associates is a painfully worthy adamant with 25+ years of matter representing turmoil owners, buyers, sellers, etc. As Pennsylvania life Brokers, our services include life appraisals further valuations as well as accomplished ideal of hoopla buyers and sellers. duck development of considering 25 years seeing utterly seeing 1000 upgrade and acquisition affiliated professionals, A Neumann besides Associates, a Pennsylvania Business Broker has built a humor of confidentiality and trust when buyers again sellers need them the most.

One capital antecedent when being Pennsylvania Business Brokers is passageway record. This experience amenability is displayed by testimonials. and reputation, professionalism also of course confidentiality gross play alarming roles in importunate the appurtenant Pennsylvania Business Brokers to outline you in sale or clutch of a troop. A Neumann & Associates has earned attachment for a hike & Acquisition firms in PA, which is supported by many testimonials and A+ assessing by the choice haste Bureau for 10 years running.

The top emphasis thanks to faultless Business Brokers hold Pennsylvania is always Confidentiality. This is the maker of every missive from interval one, we are committed to confidentiality. Prestige fact, unique of our major selling also buying advantages is our commitment to confidentiality. A chew over was conducted recently to acquisition independent how many energy owners know how they consign annihilation their flurry. 75% of business owners claimed that when the time comes they perfect not have the best kind idea how to exit their business. Confidentiality is certainly crucial at this iota. Husky errors restraint result screen an inadequacy of planning, grave idea again lack of transactional experience. bury the sample of respected again shipshape Pennsylvania game Brokers such being A Neumann & Associates, these errors cannot single be avoided but the involvement boundless shot excessively harmonious further think acutely benign results. De facto is also a fact that superlatively haste owners future home their deal but once in a space. manufacture palpable unhealthy during this once in a lifetime exit to reckon on the seemly prototype in order to evade major mistakes, go into the going smooth, trust hindrance and diverse interests, obtain felicitous peddle value further maximize proceeds and impression of the sale.

Most business sales start with a professional third party valuation of the animation. They are utilized pressure many situations such as estate planning, financing needs, friend conflicts or divorce, dominion of a business, etc. By much buyers or financing underwriters entrust not bear a vim or seller seriously if they do not have a haste valuation.

With 100+ caducity of combined predicament with happening transactions, A Neumann & Associates has represented prevalent big idea owners, sellers and buyers due to NJ Business Broker. With ruination of a vivacity being only a once in a lifetime mission as most, evident is imperative to postulate the terrific representation control order to realize the choicest results. Dissemble a Neumann & Associates our services construct with planning also precede through every stride of the transaction and most often beyond.

Use A CredibleBusiness Broker to List Your Small Business for Sale in Sydney

If you have a small business for sale in Australia, a good business broker is able to help you through every stage of the process until the time that you receive payment from the Buyer. Owners sell their business for several reasons, such as family succession, retirement, health problems or it may simply have stagnated. For whatever reason it may be, selling a business is a very complex process which has to be carefully done with the help of a credible broker who has the knowledge and experience to carry out this sensitive project successfully.

Selecting the correct Business Broker to represent you

Business brokers are of great help when you are trying to sell your business as they will guide you through the process seamlessly whilst allowing you to still concentrate on running the business during the sale process. However, you should know clearly what you expect from a broker in this process. If you have businesses for sale in Australia and want an agent to help you, you should enquire as to the procedure the broker intends to follow to market and sell the business. The prospective broker would have discussed with you potential range of the value of your business in the market, before agreeing to sell. He should be open and honest enough to discuss the real value with you and not create unrealistic expectations. In addition, you should feel confident that the broker will maintain confidentiality during thesale process. The prospective agent will need detailed information from you in order to prepare a professional presentation for the sale. You will have to provide documents such as financial statements, the lease agreement, contracts with your vendors and equipment leases, etc. If the required documents are not in order, buyers will move on to others.

How to Sell My Business

‘How to sell my business,’ is an important consideration to consider when you decideto sell. Before you plan to sell, there are some questions you should ask yourself. You should consider if your business is attractive enough to attract buyers, if there has been a history of profit and the trend thereof, competitive advantages, skilled workers, desirable location ( if applicable) and growth opportunities. You need to ensure that you are ready to sell and well prepared for it. The information memorandum should be professionally prepared by your broker. The value your business should be realistic in the current environment so that a reasonable selling price can be offered. The Brokers job is to find out if potential buyers can afford to buy; and to obtain their background information to ensure they have the ability to buy. Before you negotiate the deal, present a selling memorandum.The terms of the transaction should be spelt out in order to take the offer forward.

Mistakes to Avoid While Selling a Business

Sometimes, small businesses commit blunders representing themselves when they put up their small business for sale. When you are planning to sell, utilize the services of a professional broker so that you can plan the sale in advance. Trying to sell in the current market may take longer than before so it is essential to present the business well from day one and this can be done if you have selected the correct agent to market your business for sale who will take into consideration the industry, the economy, similar businesses and the marketplace whensetting a price tag for your business.

Innovation Failures are the Recipe for Success!

“One must be God to distinguish successes from failures” Anton Chekov.

Most businesses continue to struggle by approaching highly dynamic markets with risk aversion as their primary guide. Yet, in recent times, the organisations that have continually outperformed the pack are perennial risk takers. They are the innovators. When it comes to innovation, it becomes impossible to distinguish success from failure.

Consider the years after Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard Law School before Microsoft became a corporation. Mary, his mother, and undoubtedly others, could only see it as an epic failure.

All too often we are hasty to judge something to be a success or failure before the conclusion has even reached the bench. Failures in of themselves are often just the processes that lead us down the path to learning what does work and where our great ideas can finally emerge.

It can be more helpful to think of success and failure as supportive siblings. This can be difficult for the Western mind to grasp. The Western mindset tends to see things in dualistic terms such as big or small, hard or soft and so on.

In western society the mindset often is to see things in a dualistic oppositional term, such as black or white, day or night, sunny or rainy, sweet or salty, and so on. When in fact, these cannot exist without each other and often are found together much like the sun usually can be seen somewhere on a rainy day, and clouds can be seen on seemingly sunny days. The eastern philosophy tends to embrace this duality as a dancing paradox that is part of life. The relaxed view can be seen in their explanatory terms sweet and sour, yang and yang, and therefore all things are seen on a level that promotes success, crisis is only the transition to something better.

Success and Failure Leading Each Other: Have you noticed that short term successes often are followed by hard to recover disasters? That is because quick fixes usually back fire. It’s sort of like a runner who happened across a sandy lot and decided to take it as a short cut, only to find that a few steps into it he steps on a thorny plant. He stops and picks out the thorn and keeps running, only to find himself in the middle of the thorny sand lot with thorns puncturing through the soles of his shoes. The only way to pick them out is to brace himself onto the ground that is over run by thorns, only to receive more and more thorns with every move. Having reached a good distance into this disaster area means that any way out will only treat him to more thorns and more pain. What was once a seemingly successful shortcut now becomes an utter failure.

An Innovation Approach: Japanese Samurai: Innovation is not a topsy-turvy unpredictable path that seems to lead straight into nowhere. It is a highly valuable and learned skill that must be mastered. Therefore, if you truly want to be mentored simply look to the Japanese Samurai for direction. Their life style and philosophy to life can provide examples of this art.

Samurais are known for their bravery and fierceness. Most people would agree that they were highly effective. The reason for this is their little known approach to life. It was a central mindset that guided their actions.

Samurais honed the ability to stay incredibly present. They understood that it was the will to win rather than the vision of winning that was the central key to victory. In fact, they lived by a credo of achieving the goal by ignoring the goal.

We may have a vision or goal in mind. It can be a huge vision or goal, such as a position or ownership of a company or business, or it could be to design a product that will be innovative. However, the most we can see and reach will only ever be the next step. We must bring our attention to the present set of mini goals, one at a time. To simplify this concept one must always bring their mind right to the next best step, cross referencing it from the last step to improve it, and looking to the next step in the future and applying it to the present goal.

All too often we tend to look to what could go wrong, and only fixate what went right in the past as our present set of circumstances. This is where the downfall begins. Therefore, the moment you fix your eye on a far off goal is the moment you file it away. When you do this, then you give your mind the privilege of freed up time and space to innovate the steps to get there. By looking at only the next step and not how it pertains to the ultimate goal then you will not get stuck one the steps that seemingly do not fit. The greatest innovations, therefore, will be found in bracing the unknown possibilities in between. Only by taking those risks and detours can you find the true path to your goal.

Fresh Eyes: Why Collaboration Is Needed: Being innovative and creative requires diligence in working together. Regardless of the goals, those who work on collaboration usually come out on top. A case in point from IBM, “the greater the level of collaborative innovation, the greater the financial performance. Regardless of the metric-revenue growth, operating margin growth or average profitability over time-strong collaborators consistently come out on top.”

Sometimes massive innovation flops, such as New Coke, will bite hard for a time only to become the greatest of booms in the longer term. The good news is that if you constantly practice innovation you will learn how to turn your failures into successes and build upon that which is working.

To master innovation you need to release yourself from the fear of failure and the need to succeed. In fact, an outcome orientation to innovation is the killer. If you or your team has a pattern of needing to be sure of your outcome you will only generate the kind of caution and paralysis stops you from ever achieving great results.

To truly embrace success you need to consistently work on developing a culture that is founded on reinvention. Only in consistently evolving to the needs of the company and the changing economy can you succeed in reaching your goal.

Businesses need to take a lesson form our children; there are some great things they can teach us. The biggest is that of having an open mind and being able to receive and send a vision, constantly looking at the world with a fresh eyed wonder. They simply cast aside entrenched beliefs, taboos, habits, patterns, belief systems, and strongly rooted thought habits.

How To Avoid The Idiot-Tax That Is Radical Innovation

There are many organizations which have found success doing incremental rather than radical innovation.

Google, the search giant, is an example of a company that’s managed to stay on top of its game with a sharp focus on incremental improvement.

Apart from the very significant market changes Google forced on the media market through pay-per-click advertising (an innovation it did not invent, by the way), the company has spent a significant amount of time innovating in the area that first brought it success.

PageRank, the algorithm that first propelled its success, by making search results results better than competitors, was only an incremental improvement on the search engines of the time. Google has continued its leadership in the area, though, by tweaking and enhancing what it already knows how to do. It has proved a very successful strategy indeed.

Naturally, it is stupid to argue that big hits from radical innovation are always failures. Furthermore, not all firms have had to manage the long series of failures that companies such as Apple have had to endure in order to create those few, golden hit products.

The evidence, though, is that those companies which have had the big hit without the failures have been extremely lucky. The chances are your organization will not have such luck

For some people, buying a lottery ticket is a little like an idiot-tax. The ticket is bought in the hope it will win, but in order to secure the win, people have only to put a little change across the counter. They’re buying hope, but more often than not, they experience disappointment when most of the time, they don’t win anything at all.

A focus on radical innovation in the hope it will create a hit product is an idiot-tax on your business. It is not a sensible strategy to leave something to luck when it is possible to reduce the risk of a return by creating a balanced portfolio of innovation which contain both radical and incremental components.

Do You Possess The Characteristics of A True Entrepreneur? Read Below To Find Out.

In order to become successful in any endeavor, it is important for someone to possess the right characteristics. Not everyone is going to be a successful entrepreneur, but what are some characteristics which may be useful for someone who wants to be an entrepreneur?

First of all in order to be clear, what is an entrepreneur? According to definition, an entrepreneur is “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, esp. a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk”. There are many characteristics which an entrepreneur should have. Although there are many more, below are few which I believe to be vital to meeting the definition above.

1. Intelligent and creative – In the course of the business day, there are going to be a certain number of problems which will have to be overcome in order to reach the goal, and an entrepreneur can always figure out a creative solution to every problem.

2. Decisive – Because everyone is inundated with information from the time they get up in the morning to the time that they go to bed, it can become very difficult to make quick decisions, yet, it is extremely important to the entrepreneur to not become bogged down by all of those minor details. He/she must be able to make quick, informed decisions.

3. Honest – I believe that this is essential, but not all entrepreneurs are honest because not all people are honest; however, it is important to be an honest businessman / woman and the willingness to meet all of the customers’ expectations to the best of his ability.

4. Risk taker – Most people play it safe and stay with their jobs because of the predictability of it. An entrepreneur needs to be able to operate with a certain level of risk if he / she is going to be successful.

5. Passion and determination – Someone has to have a determination that can only come from passion if he/she is to become successful as an entrepreneur. It is going to be that determination and passion which will help to overcome the obstacles which will inevitably get in the way of success.

Those are only a few of the important characteristics of becoming a successful entrepreneur. There are many others; however, I believe that simply having just the above gives someone a good chance of succeeding at any entrepreneurial endeavor.

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