The Four Steps To Become An Entrepreneur

According to Wikipedia, “An entrepreneur is a person who undertakes and operates a new enterprise or venture and assumes some accountability for the inherent risks. In the context of the creation of for”profit enterprises, entrepreneur is often synonymous with founder.”

Let’s see if we can break this definition down into bite sized chunks.

Entrepreneur as an Undertaker

This term indicates a certain amount of initiative that drives an individual to do something tangible with an idea they have conceived. This initiative is in context of a business startup.

Entrepreneur as an Operator

This term is indicative of an individual willing to get in the thick of things and develop the business from the standpoint of administrator and marketer. In effect, an entrepreneur must be willing to do everything needed to manage the business they are seeking to develop.

Entrepreneur and Accountability

An entrepreneur understands that the buck stops with them. They are willing to be responsible in the development and affairs of the business.

Entrepreneur as Risk Taker

There will always be the risk that a business startup will fail, but the risk an entrepreneur puts forth may also result in a profitable business. The entrepreneur understands the risks and determines to move forward in spite of those risks.

Entrepreneur as Founder

In the context of a successful business start up the entrepreneur is listed as the founder of the business. This individual did what it took to move their idea from the thought process to a reality. This is hard work and, if successful, their name will always be linked to the business. Some may consider this to be a portion of the legacy of the individual; certainly it can be a highpoint in a person’s work history.

There is an exhilaration that comes with entrepreneurialism. The road may be difficult and you may have to get creative in solving problems you’ve never encountered, but you are, in that moment, the quintessential entrepreneur. You have chosen to take the initiative to operate a business. You have determined to be accountable for all phases of your business startup and you recognize and accept the risks involved in business development.

Entrepreneurialism is not for the faint of heart, but for those who walk through the various steps listed above there is an incredible amount of satisfaction knowing that the work you have done will not only benefit yourself and your family, but the customers who will benefit from the product or service you provide.

Hire Costa Rica business lawyer

No matter what is the scale of operation, every legal business needs a business lawyer. These lawyers are specialized in dealing with legal aspects of a business. In Costa Rica, Business lawyers work either independently or in a law firm. Whether you contact an independent attorney or a law firm, for your business related matters, this piece of information is going to assist you in hiring the right person.

A business lawyer can advice you in following matters:

* Formation of company

* Power of attorney

* Trademarks and copyrights

* Lease and rent contracts

* Mortgages and loans

* Workers’ benefits and legal rights

* Import and export etc.

Hire today

Most small businesses are conservative towards hiring a business attorney and paying his fees until problems arise. But this is a big mistake. Having a business lawyer by your side can save you from getting into legal problems and save unnecessary expenses.

Big vs. small law firms

This is a difficult choice to make while hiring an attorney. Big law firms generally have the advantage of specialization but they usually charge more than small firms. To some extent, the choice depends on the type of your business. If your business is fast growing and would need funds in near future, it is better to go for big law firms with well known attorneys in investment banking and venture capital community of Costa Rica.

Choice of lawyer

This is the era of specialization. A lawyer, who understands domestic laws well, is not fit for business purposes. To support your business properly, you need somebody who specializes in

Contracts – In the course of your business, you have to make several contracts with your customers, suppliers etc. and also have to sign lot of them. A business law year should assist you in that.

Business structure – A good business lawyer should guide you in choosing the right form of your business like corporation or private limited etc.

Tax and license – Besides accountants, your business lawyer has a key role to play in tax related matters like getting tax ID, handling of legal procedures in case of non – or late submission of taxes etc.

Criteria of choice

Before hiring a business lawyer in Costa Rica, you must make sure that

* He has sufficient experience.

* He negotiates fees.

* He can handle multiple business related legal matters.

* He has worked previously in similar business or industry.

* He is willing to explain legal matters to you and your employees.

Where to search?

A definite place to find a business attorney is the Costa Rica bar association. In Bar Association’s website, you will find portfolio’s of lawyers dealing specially business matters.

Besides, there are some law firms which are waiting to assist you. The law firms usually hire lawyers with different specializations like family law, business law, professional law, immigration law etc. Just go to their website and state your issue, they will respond and select a suitable business lawyer for you.

Choosing A Business Plan Writing Services

A business plan is a written document consisting the details and future plans of the business. A professional business plan is important to impress the creditors and investors to provide funds for the business. It normally has three sections namely business concept, marketing plans and financials. These are further sub categorized into different categories providing detailed plans in each category.

Purpose of a business plan

* Clear Direction: The main purpose of a business plan is to provide a clear direction and roadmap to the business. It gives a clear understanding as how the business would be run and what steps would be taken to achieve its goals. It also gives descriptive information about its products and services, customer, strategies etc.

* Future vision: A business plan can be helpful in planning for the future growth of the business. It can be an effective way for making changes and adapting to the market changes, trends, innovations and taking the business to new heights.

* Attract finance: A business plan can clearly show whether it has the prospects to make profits or not. The facts and figures can attract the investors and provide the funds to start the business.

* Attract team members: A proper business plan can attract other team members like partners, sales team, employees, and suppliers and persuade them to join your new business.

* Manage company: A business plan is important to manage the business. The type of organizational structure and management selected by the business can help each employee to perform its task efficiently.

Importance of business consultancy services:

The business plan consultancies have complete knowledge about the process. They update their clients about the new trends in the markets. They do a thorough market research and on the basis of that will prepare a business plan for their clients. Their services include

* Providing strategic tools and ideas for the growth and expansion of the business

* Their problem solving approach focuses on solutions and way outs.

* Providing diverse solutions that help in taking a better decision for the problems.

* Providing appropriate resolutions to avoid or handle any risks.

* Offering good planning strategies that can prove to be of great advantage for the business

* Initiating solutions for optimum utilization of resources and high quality output for their clients.

* Offering effective, realistic and strategic policies for proper functioning of the business.

* Providing assurance and guarantee for the business to attain its desired goals.

* Working as a market analyst and display the good and bad of the business.

* Providing business review for effective use of resources, business operation, sales and pricing strategy, customer awareness, financial growth and stability etc.

Points to be considered when selecting a business plan writing company

* Role of the consultant: Understand the role of the consultant. He should communicate clearly about his plans and provide accurate information and reviews.

* Expertize: Always hire a consultant who has good expertize in his field. He should have thorough knowledge about the industry and market and should be able to create an effective business plan for his clients.

* Cost: The consultant should be open to negotiation for his fees. He should provide valuable services as against his fees.

Leading Innovation: The Hiring Decision

One of the key questions one needs to resolve at the commencement of an innovation programme is what sort of innovator you should hire to lead everything.

The leadership hiring decision is a very important one, because no matter whether you’re building a central innovation team or one which is distributed and responsible for creating an innovation culture, what happens next will be very dependent on the mentality the leader brings to the table.

One possibility is to hire an entrepreneur. Such individuals have usually proved they are able to make small ventures successful. They know how to run an enterprise on a shoestring and are able to match limited resources to big problems. Entrepreneurs have usually proved they can take an idea and turn it into something valuable.

Alternatively, is it better to hire someone with significant experience managing portfolios of activity, and who know just how to make decisions to start things as well as how to stop them. Now, such an individual probably doesn’t have a great deal of experience in the low down day to day running of projects, but they certainly are able to make investment decisions.

Given the choice, most stakeholders will hire the former. It seems a sensible choice to make: why not choose someone who has at least proved that when they focus on something, they’ll get it to work?

Regrettably, the obvious choice is not always the best one.

Entrepreneurial innovation leaders are highly motivated to make their personal choice projects successful no matter what it takes. This, after all, is a proven formula for them. They are experienced in taking good ideas and driving through to value, often because of personal heroics. It is not unusual that their whole careers have been based on a few lucky successes.

Individual heroics are one thing, but the fact of the matter is most innovation projects fail for one reason or other. This happens despite the amount of effort applied. Entrepreneurs accept this intuitively, so they cancel a projects which don’t seem to be progressing well. They live in the hope that their next project will be a hit.

For innovation teams in larger organisations, however, this is a very bad strategy. Innovation leaders usually last about 18 months before their stakeholders get sick of waiting for results. Doing things in the sequential order of the entrepreneur means that that time runs out way before there are decent result. The implication is that hiring an investor is usually sensible.

Investors have an intuitive understanding of the fact that the real name of the game in innovation is avoiding concentrations of risk to get to a predictable return. Usually, that means a light touch on a large number of simultaneous innovations, rather than a deep concentration on a few.

UCG Distribution Management Software- Makes Sure Your Each Distribution Requirements Fulfilled!

Your business is all about distribution. You aren’t a bank, supermarket or mining firm, thus the software you select to operate your business must be developed for a trade like yours. Powerful, flexible, reliable and streamlined, these are all what your consumer anticipate. Not each distribution management software is created equally. Selecting the ideal distribution management application offers you with the appropriate tools to effectively plan, gather, ship and supply the stuffs your consumer wish. Selecting the incorrect warehouse & distribution software could mean not meeting consumer’s requirement and misplacing vital possibilities to enhance supply chain performance. No doubt you know your business better. After all, it is 1 thing to identify the distribution requirements of your firm and somewhat another to perform at high performance. And for that, you require distribution management software specifically designed for your business.

UCG’s ERP distribution software offers you a complete WMS (warehouse management system) with the flexibility you need for real end-to-end supply chain supervision. Their distribution and warehouse software solution designed to meet the exclusive requirements of your industry.

UCG’s ERP distribution management software delivers you complete control for your wholesale distribution trades via real-time consoles to enhance ordering & invoicing, superior manage account, and effectively deliver consumer service. Their ERP distribution software offers you the control you require such as:

* Control operating expenditures – now you can modernize your whole business with UCG’s distribution management software to enhance account returns and decrease dead stock. Computerize your whole supply chain, comprising bids, leads, shipments, order Y payments. Such software is web based, thus you can have the access to your business documents and data from warehouses, headquarters, remote offices as well as while touring. All you require is a PC and net connection.

* Involve everyone – boundless user pricing enables you to involve partners, employees and consumers so you can mechanize all business procedure – even procedure that span warehouses, offices and external associates. UCG software offers you the choice to switch between on-promise and deployments, thus you can lessen your software expenditures whilst enhancing your wholesale distribution procedure.

In delivering distribution management solution, UCG has leveraged knowledge and lessons discovered from numerous wholesale distribution consumers – harmonized with a paramount practice professional service execution methodology and customized services. UCG’s single and flexible business software allows you to expand your wholesale distribution trade and offer new services whilst improving consumer service and decreasing expenditures.

How to implement technology transfer in pharmaceuticals

Technology transfer is a process that has gained widespread acceptance and prominence in many areas of knowledge all over the world today. Technology transfer can be broadly defined as the way in which technology is transferred from the source of its origin of creation to sources from where it can be developed and/or distributed to a wider area.

Technology transfer is carried out in a number of areas. In universities, which are breeding grounds for new ideas, technology transfer is carried out to help the product reach out to the market. In the field of intellectual property (IP), technology transfer is the means by which a patent or a copyright or a trade secret is licensed to be exploited for commercialization.

In pharmaceuticals

Technology transfer is a major component in the field of pharmaceuticals, as well. In the field of pharmaceuticals, the method by which technology transfer is done is important. Correctly describing the methods and processes of technology transfer is extremely important to prevent any major deviations or misunderstandings between the parties at a later date. The aim of exploitation of technology, patent-protected or otherwise, in this field is to help the product reach out to the larger market, so that the general public benefits from the invention or innovation. Defining the terms by which the commercial gains of the technology transfer will be shared is also important.

If a pharma product is to become successful; its transfer and that of its processes has to be handled extremely well for the product to enjoy a successful launch. Only this ensures that pharmaceutical products of the highest quality are delivered to the patients, and also that they meet the expected business goals.

Yet, executing the technology transfer is complex even in these days of legal protection for IP. Technological transfer of pharma products involves the interactions of many disciplines across an organization. While carefully developing, managing, and transferring of technical and business knowledge is one aspect; the development of processes and steps for defining the formal transfer of that knowledge from R&D documents and systems to commercial manufacturing documents and systems is another.

A learning session on pharmaceutical technology transfer

The ways of handling this whole process of technology transfer in the field of pharmaceuticals will be the teaching a webinar from Compliance4All, a leading provider of professional trainings in all the areas of regulatory compliance will be organizing.

The speaker at this webinar is Steven Laurenz, a senior pharma professional who brings over 25 years of technical leadership experience in product development, process development, technology transfer, and process optimization.

To enroll for this webinar and gain the benefit of hearing from this seasoned professional, please register for this webinar by logging on to

The technology transfer process

The aim of this session is to introduce the concepts associated with implementing a carefully defined technical and business governance program. Along with this, Steven will also suggest a clearly defined R&D process to chart technology transfer steps for successful implementation. The concepts associated with transferring the scientific technology needed to manufacture the product, processes to ensure the receiving manufacturing facility is ready for the product and tools and templates to help capture the knowledge, will all be covered at this webinar.

These are the objectives that this webinar will help the participants achieve:

o Define technology transfer

o Identify elements of the business process framework for managing technology transfers

o Identify New Product transfer process

o Explain benefits of technology transfer

o Determine elements of a successful technology transfer

Steven will cover the following areas at this webinar:

o The importance of technology transfer

o The use of a technical review system to update and review technology knowledge obtained during drug product development

o The use of a Product Strategy Review system to review important business aspects in preparation for transfer

o Tools and Templates used for technology transfer.

Making Innovation Pay

When an innovation team is created by an organisation, everything is exciting and rosy at the start. Filled with hope for the future, sponsors attach themselves to their new silver bullet which will solve all their problems and wait for exciting results to arrive. In the first few months after they are created, the team can get away with practically anything.

Sooner or later, though, they will be called to account for their results (or the lack of them). All those excited stakeholders will start to ask what they are getting in return for all the money they invested. They will start to wonder if they might have gotten better outcomes by investing in other things, for example, a Lean initiative.

Most of the time, this happens inside 18 months, and the team’s budget gets scrutinised very carefully. While everyone will probably agree the team has done “valuable work”, the only justification they really care about is financial returns that the innovation team may have generated.

In the end, if there are alternative investments that have proved financially successful, and the innovation team has not proved itself similarly, it is obvious where a rational business manager will seek to direct funding in the future. This is especially true during a downturn, or whenever else an organisation is under stress.

Innovators need to pay their own way if they want to continue having a mandate in the long term.

Now, it is always the case that some innovations don’t actually have financial returns. For example, productivity improvements driven by information technology are often key candidates for an innovation team. These will often add significant new capabilities which make employees work better or more quickly, but may not result in a direct financial benefit. Clearly, there’s value in doing such things, and a sophisticated innovation team will certainly pursue them, regardless of the chance they’ll pay.

With that in mind, then, how does an innovation team reconcile a non-financial innovation with its core driver to produce decent financial results?

The answer is that it must have a portfolio of innovations, some of which pay, and some which don’t. Generally speaking, there will need to be more of the former, of course, and the obvious implication is the innovation team would naturally de-prioritise those innovations without decent financial returns until it has paid the bills.

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Grow your Company with Innovation Consulting


To keep up with market competition businesses have to think creatively. This means that they have to innovate new products and services for customers which would help them to dominate the market and boost their profit. However, constant innovation is a tough task and at some point, companies would feel that they are not really innovating and creating better products and services. There is no dearth of innovative consultants in the market, but you need to know why you need these consulting companies and how they can help you to stay ahead of the competition.

Create Business Strategy with Innovation Consultants

The most important thing you need to know when you are hiring innovation consulting professionals is why you want to innovate. If you are not sure why you should innovate you need to reason it first. For many businesses the strategy of their business does not include innovation because they are more profit inclined. However, with the right professionals, you can look into how you can bring in better business strategies that can help your business to innovate. Eventually, innovation will become a part of your business strategy and help you create better products and services to boost your market growth. The strategy created will be based on the resources available and how your business can optimise those resources to create new products and services without hurting the cost.

Identify Errors with Innovation Consulting

As a business owner, you might not be able to see the errors in your business because you are handling multiple facets of the business. However, when you hire an innovation consulting firm you can be sure that you are hiring experts who know their job well. There are various organisations that work differently and they have different procedures and processes. With the help of innovative consulting professionals, you can identify and prioritise what products and services that require some changes. They can also look into the gaps in the production process allowing your business to have a better procedure to create better products and services. The changes could also lead to some work and culture changes that can directly affect the performance of your company positively.

Choosing the Right Innovation Consultants

If you have a business in India, it is important that you choose the best companies that provide innovation consulting in India. You can check them for their own innovation and how they have done in the past few years in the market and if they have a credible action plan for your business. The company should also provide you with excellent recommendations and practical conclusions to create better strategies.

Tips to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

When people think of the word entrepreneur, they automatically think of success. Unfortunately, not every person who is an entrepreneur is successful. Being an entrepreneur simply means starting your own business, and doing your own things. While this requires more drive than usual, and can breed most successful people, there are plenty of people out there who have tried, and failed, in their entrepreneurial activities.

With that being said, there are different things that can be done to help someone in their quest to be an entrepreneur. There is no formula for being a successful entrepreneur; every situation is different, meaning that the way to be successful in each situation is unique. There are a few tips that can help you to be the successful entrepreneur that you are looking to be, however.

1. Be Patient

Patience is one of the most important aspects of trying to become a successful entrepreneur. There is a lot of hard work that goes into trying to build your own company or start your own venture. While there will be amazing highs, there will also be near devastating lows. The patience required for a successful entrepreneur will help you to whether the bad times, allowing you to push through to the good. No venture is easy; having the patience to stick through it and keep a level head is crucial to becoming successful.

2. Pay Attention to Detail

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is all about making sure that everything you do is the correct step. While there will be setbacks and mistakes, minimizing these errors is what separates regular entrepreneurs from successful entrepreneurs. By paying attention to detail, you will consider every aspect and think about every decision in a precise manner. This attention to detail is crucial for avoiding missteps that can be costly and ultimately lead to the demise of your venture.

3. Never Go it Alone

While becoming a successful entrepreneur is all about becoming your own boss, making your own money, and owning your own venture or ventures, it is not something that should be done alone. Having connections and a support system is important to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Having connections will help you to make your path to success easier, as these connections can hook you up with deals and information that will help. Having a support system will help you to stay focused when the times become rough. Going through an entrepreneurial venture alone may make it too difficult to become successful.

While there are many different aspects to turning into a successful entrepreneur, these few tips are the basic building blocks that are needed in every situation. Possessing these skills will help you to deal with the individual and unique issues that will show themselves as you start your career or new venture. By being patient, paying attention to details, and having a support system, you can put yourself on the path to becoming that successful entrepreneur.