University Of Nebraska Technology Transfer

The university of Nebraska technology transfer services provided by UneMed benefits the university in more than one ways. If you are wondering what exactly is university technology transfer? Then you must know that technology transfer is nothing but sharing a certain innovative technology between two or more organizations. Usually, one institute develops a new technology for the public welfare and shares it with the other company and permits them for commercialization of the same. In this instance, the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) develops new health care technology and licenses the same to UneMed for commercialization of biomedical research projects.
University of Nebraska constantly carries out new research to develop new and innovative products or devise new techniques to improve the health care industry and license the technology in the research lab to UneMed. UneMed then share the technology with their several business partners so that they can also benefit from the technology sharing.
Once the business organizations are convinced about the potential of the technology to benefit the pubic and to earn them profits, the businesses reach an agreement in the technology transfer office. Thus, University of Nebraska technology transfer benefits both the university and the business that buys the technology. While, the university gets the licensing fees for their technology developed, the business uses the technology to develop them into a full finished products or service to be sold in the market and earn profits from it. It also helps the businesses to avoid incurring cost on research and development of the product.
The research and development carried out at the UNMC research center has opened up several new avenues for technology transfer. The new technology developed at UNMC in different fields like diagnostics, discovery of new drugs to treat critical diseases and biotechnology are transferred. Researchers develop these technologies and transfer it to other business through UneMed who have specialized skills and other facilities to tap the potential of the technology and convert it into a commercial product. Sometimes, the researchers at UNMC transfer the new technology developed to companies that have superior technology or manufacturing setup for marketing of the products.
A major benefit of university of Nebraska technology transfer is that it facilitates application of one technology in multiple fields other than where it was designed. The researchers may develop a certain technology for the benefit of a certain field but they can obtain research tools licensing for it to be used other fields as well. For instance, the UNMC researchers may develop a certain technology that would benefit the diagnostic applications, but they can also license the same technology to other business that is focused on developing tools for therapeutic applications. UNMC is able to license its technology through UneMed and benefit it from commercially.

Software Distribution Market size and forecast, 2016-2026

As the title suggests, software distribution is the process of delivering software from a developer to the end user. This distribution ranges from interpreter distribution to OS server distribution. Software distribution channels are the actual point of customer interaction. It is through these distribution channel system that organization reaches the customer, fulfill their needs and gather vital statistics that can be used to manage customer relationships. The distribution phase is typically followed by unpacking and installation, wherein package management tools are utilized for software installation. Customers are progressively demanding the availability of diverse range of channels. The customers expect direct access 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while, at the same time, seeking personalized services and products according to their needs. The growing significance of cloud in government sector, SMEs and large enterprises are transforming the market and disturbing the orthodox business model of the channel.

Software service providers have traditionally relied on their resellers or distributors to service customers with a local presence at a lesser cost as opposed to their own direct sales model. As firms try to differentiate between themselves by augmenting customer relationships, the distribution channels through which they provide their services becomes a key from a strategic point of view. Firms are thus able to offer custom tailored services to their clients at any time through a comprehensive range of channels either by setting modified prices as per competitive scenario or by consolidating the costs of the license.

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Software Distribution Market: Segmentation
Software Distribution market is segmented on the basis of delivery model, end user vertical and region. On the basis of delivery model, software distribution market can be segmented as physical delivery, electronic software distribution and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Software Distribution market can be segmented according to end user vertical which includes public, retail, manufacturing, media & entertainment, transportation & logistics, IT & telecommunication, banking, financial service and insurance (BFSI), healthcare and energy & utility. Regionally, software distribution market can be segmented into North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa (MEA), Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) and Japan.

Software Distribution Market: Regional Outlook
Software Distribution market is witnessing steady growth and is anticipated to witness single digit CAGR during the projected period. North America was the dominant regional market in 2015 followed by Western Europe. These two regions combined represented market share of more than 35%, but are expected to lose their share to some extent to other regions during the forecast period. Asia Pacific is expected to exhibit highest growth among all the regions due to evolving economy of countries such as India, Philippines and China.

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Software Distribution Market: Drivers
Growing acceptance for digital delivery and services across developed and developing regions is accelerating the growth of software distribution market. The emergence of SaaS distribution model is anticipated to help the market grow at a greater CAGR. This can be attributed to factors such as decentralized consumption and working habits as well as cloud hosting space getting cheaper.

Software Distribution Market: Key Players
The key vendors in the software distribution market include, Google Corporation, Apple Inc., Inc., Attachmate Corporation, Symantec Corporation, NEC Corporation and IBM Corporation. Major players in the software distribution boost their market share by enhancing sales channels across the globe. Furthermore, introducing economical products & services is another strategy followed by major software distribution market vendors to gain competitive edge.

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How Can Innovation Impact Enterprises?

Innovation refers to implementing new processes, ideas, or shifting existing ones to become more effective and increase chances of a business’ success. In recent years, innovation has become so inevitable for businesses to stay on the level of competitiveness. Businesses that embrace innovation are looking forward to get many benefits, but most enterprises don’t pay much attention to innovation’s impact on the firm performance. So, how innovation affects performance?

A new study carried by a group of researchers from Malaysia and published in a Journal of Innovation Management in Small & Medium Enterprise (it could be reached at ) has investigated how innovation could influence performance in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Researchers studied 284 samples and found that “product innovation and process innovation influenced firm performance significantly, where the impact of the former was stronger than the latter” as stated in the study.

To innovate doesn’t mean to invent new things, but to make changes on a business model and make necessary changes to come up with new products or services. The study has stressed out that “innovation is a critical factor in today’s entrepreneurial activities.” So, policy makers in SMEs should take innovation into consideration when making their business strategies and shaping their strategic visions.

To survive the intense competitiveness in global market, SMEs would need to offer something different to what other businesses are offering. The study stated “a firm would be more competitive if it is able to design, produce, and market products or services superior to those offered by its rivals… innovation is no more a luxury, but a necessity.”

However, innovating is theoretically simple but not practically. Innovation means more costs, so businesses need to consider the financial part when embracing innovation strategy. The study mentioned that “Due to high costs of innovation in terms of R&D expenditure and personnel and resource constraints facing SMEs, this move incurs a high risk to the firms.”

But ignoring innovation would in turn impact the business negatively. So businesses should find a balance that would keep them innovative and avoid any risks. Researchers suggest that “SMEs have to really spend their time and money on gathering enough information about the market demand and trend for their products, competitors and sources of innovation before any decision can be made.”

Innovation can touch every facet of a business, be that products, services or business processes and businesses that embrace innovation produce more proficient work processes and have better productivity and performance. To be innovative would help a business to survive the intense competitiveness forced in the market and more importantly lead growth.

Technology Transfer Office of A University Plays Pivotal Role In The Technology Transfer

There is no doubt about the fact that without a properly functioning of technology transfer office no research organization can benefit from the technology transfer process. To get a clear idea of functions performed by these technology office of technology transfer let us start from the beginning.

What Is Technology Transfer?

Technology transfer is a process in which discoveries of a University or institutions are transferred to another organization for further development of the technology in a commercialized application or product or service that can be used for the betterment of the people. There are specific procedures that are to be followed for technology transfer and it is done according to the Bayh-Dole Act that was passed by the Congress in the year 1980. Since then practice of technology transfer has been adopted by most of the Universities and other research institution that has benefitted both the organizations and society as well.

Roles Played By Technology Transfer Services

* Providing A Common Platform – The technology transfer office on the Universities function as a common platform for both the organizations – the University as well as the organizations that are getting the technology.

* Presenting The Research And Innovation – The first thing that the transfer office does is selection of the researches and innovations and discoveries that can be transferred. This is done on the merit of the research as well as the commercial value of the research. While selecting the researches they make sure that the end product will attract the prospective organizations and application of the invention will be beneficial for the society.

* Processing The Technology Transfer – Technology transfer is a detailed procedure that needs to be done step by step. There are some legal formalities and comprehensive documentation that needs to be done for flawless technology licensing. Without the expert help of the technology transfer services this is not possible for the scholars of the University to execute this complex procedure.

* Taking Care Of The Intellectual Property Rights – The most important part of technology transfer procedure is the Intellectual Property Rights and its safeguard. It is the duty of the technology transfer service offices to make sure that the rights are protected during the transfer process and even beyond that. According to the law the patent of the research that is being transferred should be obtained in favour of the organization where the research was done. Then only the process of licensing technology can be executed.

* Royalty Of The Researchers – Apart from these aspects, the technology transfer office also looks after the royalty sharing between the two organizations involved in the technology transfer process. Generally the financial benefit is shared by the inventor as well as the University or research organization. If the research was funded by federal Govt. then the proceeds of the technology transfer needs to be spent on research.

The Application Of Research To Innovation Process Management

The challenge for CEOs is the foster innovation management without hindering the daily workflow that has helped the business profit in the first place. Every CEO has requirements for his business to succeed: for example, cutting a budget, re-investing in certain programs, and looking for ways increase the value of the market-shares in key categories. Whatever the requirements are, there is a certain level of pressure that is put on managers to succeed. CEOs are looking for bright minds such as Innovation Consultants to create and devise strategies that will help bring the business to a next level.

When business is at a stand-still or is in need of a way to move forward they look towards management or innovation consultants for the changes. Innovations consultants, especially, look to the members of the business who actively work on a daily basis to generate revenue for the company. Innovation Process management is the process of gathering multiple minds into one innovation management software, in order to exchange ideas and gain perspective onto devising a new plan which will help the business move forward. When innovation has “dried up” sometimes the CEO looks to make management changes which can have its pro and cons. The pro of a management change is that the business will have a new voice, new thoughts, and new angle to which you can lead to the company goals towards. The con of a management change is the business may lose consistency and lose sight of the positive direction which has helped them reach their current level of success. The best alternative is to apply an enterprise management software and innovation tools to increase innovation process management and relieve the burden of work on just the innovation consultants and management.

There are several minds that go into the use of the ideas software including: researchers, marketing managers, senior executives, financial gurus, human resources, and operations. All of these separate but interactive roles should all be placed in the database of the idea management software and devise plans from several points of view for the benefit of the business. They will all be able to exhibit their thought on corporate innovation and the impact it will have in a pipeline. Research and marketing may look to think of creative and new product innovations and the potential impact on the hike in revenue. The senior executives and the financial employees make look into budget cuts and savings strategies that will reduce the flow of expenditures and increase the flow of revenue. But the investment should be put into a stable innovation management system which will include innovation management software that will increase the presence of corporate innovation.

Researchers are always looking for ways to leverage the technology that comes out on a daily basis to be applied to the business. Some researchers utilize enterprise management software to come up with revolutionary new ideas, while others look to innovation consultants to the devise strategies with their current products and services.

A Precise Business Valuation

Business managers are each in interesting scenarios, bringing about an assortment of explanations behind the requirement for a business valuation. Off and on again it is home arranging, different times a business transaction if getting or offering a business, different times it could be financing, association questions, separation, and so on. Most business possessors begin a business yet they have no clue, arrangement or method to passageway the business. Likewise, most business possessors just encounter one business transaction in their life that is not a ton of business transaction experience and can accelerate immoderate failures. A standout amongst the most regular is the absence of or a mistaken Business Valuation New York . A precise business valuation by a master third party expert will be considered important by purchasers, venders, financing guarantors, and so on. Anything besides an expert business valuation won’t be taken genuine. It is in this way basic to have a master firm who represents a respectable level of expertise good to go valuations furnish an expert Business Valuation in Pennsylvania.

We should check out some sample scenarios. The predominant scenario is a gathering standing for the business dealer performs a business valuation throughout a business transaction. This gathering is inclined towards the customer attempting to pitch; along these lines the probability of the valuation coming in elevated is extremely normal. A second scenario is a business valuation is led by a gathering standing for the business purchaser. Once more, this gathering is predisposition towards the customer and the business valuation will conceivable come in flat. As you can see there could be a gigantic disparity in the consequence of the business valuation in the aforementioned two scenarios. Some of the time worlds separated, the fact is the main path to precisely confirm correct market quality is for an impartial third party business valuation firm to perform a business valuation in Pennsylvania.

Numerous equations might be utilized to figure the worth of a business. In any case, there are no exact recipes as each business is one of a kind. Moreover, each business sector, the economy, timing, financing, interest, comparative bargains, terms, and so forth are everything special. The aforementioned all must be calculated into the mathematical statement when led a business valuation and confirming correct showcase quality of a business. Possessions, potential of development, land, leases, contracts and different components additionally must be recognized.

The significance can’t be underlined enough of a precise business valuation in a business transaction to all gatherings included. This incorporates the business purchaser, merchant, representation of both, financing guarantors, and so forth. Once more, the business transaction experience of most is a single business transaction in a lifetime. The outcome of overpaying or underselling a business could be a fantastic slip that must be evaded and can. The route to maintain a strategic distance from this is to host an expert third gathering impartial master performs an exact valuation of the business.

A Neumann and Associates has long been a regarded and reputable firm that might be depended on. They have been included with many Business Valuation Pennsylvania , have over 100 years of consolidated business transaction experience and dependably have a pledge to secrecy and professionalism.

A Forecast of The Career Opportunities in Surgical Technology – Ahead of 2009

Careers in surgical technology are very plentiful today. According to the International Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment opportunities in surgical technology are expected to grow faster than ever before by the second half of 2009. Additionally, it is evident that career opportunities in surgical technology will be more for the technology specialists who are certified by the accredited institutions. With the huge popularity of surgical technology, countless numbers of technology programs have popped up. It will be increasingly difficult to spot the best technology training program for surgical technology. The following up is a synopsis of possible career opportunities in surgical technology.

The Hospitals to provide more opportunities for well trained surgical technicians

Though those trained in surgical technology can seek careers in all fields of the healthcare sectors, the hospitals will be the main career source in future. You will be well aware of the fact that many hospitals have started their operation recently and they are all in need of skilled surgical technicians. It has to be noted that more than 70% of the surgical technology jobs came through the hospitals in the year 2008. The hospitals are expected to produce more than 80% employment opportunities for the certified surgical technicians in the near future.

A Faster Employment Rate

Various statistics indicate that the employment rate in surgical technology will increase by 24 % through the years 2009-2012. It must be noted that this rate is well above the average employment growth rate of other occupations available today. The main reason for this peak employment growth rate is, as the population increases, the need for surgeries will eventually increase which in turn will create a great demand for the skilled surgical technicians. Higher employment rates are expected in the physician’s offices and healthcare centers by the end of 2009.

Great Careers for Certified Surgical Technologists

Surgical technology training programs are available everywhere today. However, it is very important to spot the best surgical technology program as the employers are looking for well trained surgical technologists owning a degree from a certified institution. Pennsylvania Surgical Technology Programs are offered by several accredited colleges in Pennsylvania and are considered to be the some of the best programs that is available today. PA Employers prefer the candidates trained in Dickson City, Hazleton, and Sunbury surgical technology programs as they are accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. Additionally, the students of Pennsylvania Surgical Technology Programs are eligible to get educational loans and many other benefits. Hence, the Dickson City surgical technology program, Hazleton surgical technology program and the Sunbury surgical technology program will become more popular worldwide in the near future.

All these predictions indicate that surgical technology will become one of the best employment sources in the near future. Hence this is the right time to get trained in surgical technology.

Major Impact Business Valuation New Jersey

The victory of a business transaction can have a major impact on business possessors. Indeed, most business holders just encounter one passageway in their life and most holders don’t have any thought or arrangement of how they will retreat. This absence of an arrangement and information of business transactions can accelerate major botches than can have a gigantic effect on a family and others lives. The point when in the right hands nonetheless, the aforementioned missteps can’t just be kept away from, yet the business transaction could be a gigantic victory bringing about an extremely positive effect on lives.
One of the major oversights in a business transaction is figuring out correct showcase esteem. A purchaser would not like to pay much higher and a merchant would not like to pitch for much lower than accurate advertise esteem. As specialists all hands on deck business valuation New Jersey, A Neumann and Associates has finished many Business Valuations. Privacy is key as is getting a Business Valuation from a pro third gathering to evade any inclination. Truth be told, most business purchasers and financing supporters won’t take a business merchant genuinely provided that they don’t have an expert, third party business valuation.
With 25 years of experience as an opening and reputable Business Broker in New Jersey, A Neumann and Associates have been giving master aid to Business Owners incorporating Business Valuations in NJ. The testimonials, track record and system of partners have long been a tremendous getting and offering point of interest. As master Business Valuations NJ pros, they can help business managers verify the correct business sector esteem for any explanation for why. Be it deal of the business, home arranging, financing, disintegration of an association, separate or different explanations, you will be in master hands with A Neumann and Associates.
Why a third gathering? This is an imperative inquiry. The point when a business valuation is directed by a gathering that is standing for the purchaser, it may not be target. The valuation could be ideal and much lower than correct advertise esteem. Also, a gathering standing for a business dealer can esteem a business much higher as that profits their customer.
A considerable measure goes into a business valuation New Jersey, an equation or computation does not exist that can actively confirm the accurate business sector worth of a business. Numerous things must be acknowledged for example stakes, benefits, years good to go, potential development, comparable business deals, economy, financing alternatives, purchaser interest, purchaser and dealer cause, timing, terms, area, and what not. Pro Business Valuations are a pivotal part of business transactions. They are gotten just through master third party masters.

8 Key Ways Innovation Catapults A Business To Success

What’s your definition of effective innovation? A clever idea? A novel product or service? As the owner of a business coaching firm, the key word for me is “effective”, and for innovation to be effective, it has to make my company money.

Dreams, wishes – these are all great things, but unless they bring in capital, they’re just air. So, here are some places to start to make innovation work for you!

1. Effective innovation requires the right “pricing” vehicle.

Pricing is tricky. It involves your needs as well as what your customer considers fair. But, either way, innovation will not be effective without the right business model:

* Cost-plus pricing – the easiest, yet sometimes criticized method involves setting the price at what it costs to produce/provide service, including expenses, adding in your target profit margin.

* Target-return pricing- set your price with the goal to get back money invested in the company based upon the projected sales. If you invested $ 10,000, how many products or services must you sell at what price point to get your money back in a specified time frame?

* Value-based pricing – the most “psychological” of the three involves pricing the product based on its value to a customer. If you’re product saves them 3 hours of productivity a day, for someone who made $ 50/hour, that’s $ 150, so you could probably charge $ 75 or more for it.

* Fair-Value pricing – setting your price at what the market supports. If customers want something badly enough, they’re willing to pay ridiculously high prices for that product. Just look at Tickle Me Elmo that customers were willing to pay $ 600+ for so their kid could have one for Christmas. But, customers are also savvy shoppers and know what the going rate is for products and services. The challenge is balancing your needs with their willingness to pay.

2. Innovations needs to be re-invented.

Large companies with huge budgets can brand their products and have that branding last for 10, 20, 100+ years, but good ideas are often copied and become common and no longer innovative. We see it in advertising all the time (buttons, badges, “likes” etc.) The irony is, if you become TOO innovative, you’ll lose the “stickiness” necessary for viewers to grow accustomed to seeing your product or service. So, there’s a balance you need to have to even out innovation and previously successful ideas.

3. Innovations come from making concepts “stick” in the minds of your customers.

I will never forget a shaving company’s line that went something like, “Our razors are so safe, even a baby can handle them”. The next image is a bald guy covered in shaving cream with clean razor-track cutting across his scalp. Behind him is a baby holding the foamy razor. Sometimes innovation means coming at your product from a completely different angle. Business coaching has nothing to do with marriage, yet we were able to show parallels between business ownership and getting married in order to sell our services. Again, it all gets back to “what sticks” in your customers’ minds and hearts.

4. Innovation is sometimes driven by going in the “exit” and out the “entrance”.

What if all streets were “one way”? How frustrating and boring would that be? Sometimes going “out” the “in” can be as simple as thinking of your existing product as your competition, and out-do yourself. The reason this is “forward” thinking is that eventually your product or service is going to need some renovating, and if you don’t have a product and/or service to replace or enhance it, you might as well go by way of the Titanic. Think of your product or service like you’re the product or service’s competition. How would you improve upon it? When you’re in a vehicle, you can look out the windshield at where you’re going, or out the back winder at where you’ve been. Turn the car around and you can look out the back window to see where you’re going and out the front window to see where you’ve been. Same vehicle – just a different view.

5. Who says innovation can’t be well thought out?

Of course innovation can be carefully planned. Perhaps the ideas will have to be new and hopefully surprising, but one can still save space for innovation and encourage it within the company. One company I was affiliated with gave incentives for innovative ideas that became part of the company culture in the form of $ 500 gift cards. Normally, innovation starts with the spark of an idea. Brainstorming often leads to different ways to approach the idea. Then one has to lay out the new idea, test it, and voila, a new concept is born.

6. Innovation that results in changing people’s lives is the crowning touch.

Ask customers what they want and you’ll get as many answers as the number of people asked, and then some. You simply will not be able to please everyone – so quit trying. Improving on something is not creating a new innovation. It’s just creating a derivative on an existing idea. And there’s nothing wrong with that. True innovation is revolutionary. The resulting change is mind-boggling. We’ve seen it all through life. The Pony Express was replaced by a postal system. The horse and buggy was replaced by the automobile. Typewriters were replaced by computers. The list goes on.

7. Innovation requires tough skin.

Sticking to your guns will be hard if everyone is poo-hooing your concept. But, if you don’t believe in it, why should anyone else? Many times you have a vision and are so clear about your idea, but when you try to explain it, you’re faced with blank – or worse, doubtful – looks. Learn the art of explaining things in different ways, remembering that some people are visual, others are auditory, and still others are kinetic processors. Speak their language when trying to share your ideas. Develop a Teflon attitude and let the criticism slide off you. It doesn’t mean you aren’t listening and taking note, but it does mean that you protect yourself and stay true to your ideas.

8. Business Owners have “hire” expectations.

Innovators are your “1st” string players. They are not only full of ideas, but can work independently to execute their plans. “1st” string players require less training and are eager to get things moving forward. “2nd” string players are good at doing what they are told, but often need innovative motivation! “3rd” string players are just what corporations love: the do-as-you-are-told types. A company full of “3rd” sting players will not advance. This last group likes routine and doesn’t favor change. There’s a place for each string, but hiring innovative people might be just what your company needs to excel.

In all . . .innovation is like a planted seed. With the right environment and conditions, innovation can flourish and help your company catapult to success.

The Worldwide Popularity For Innovation-Related Search Terms & Triz Is Dropping

There is a mixed-message news flash for TRIZ and Innovation connoisseurs. The general popularity of specific innovation-related keywords as a Google search term is high but they have been steadily trending down since 2004. The bad economy and recession are not directly linked with this drop since innovation topics have been falling out of favor as a search pursuit a few years before the housing bust and bad economy arrived on the scene.

TRIZ is the Science of Inventive Problem Solving, which was developed by the Soviet inventor and science fiction author Genrich Altshuller and his colleagues, in 1946. It is based on the premise that great creativity can be a learned skill. It has a solid group of followers in many countries. It gives optimism for a more innovative future and hopes that the best ideas do not always have to come out of highly funded “Think Tanks” or from innovation geniuses.

Any search analysis of short terms and especially acronyms like TRIZ are risky because the acronyms can mean many different things in different countries than what a web searcher might actually be looking for. For example, the average monthly web searches for “TRIZ” in Brazil was incredibly high (74,000) in 2011. That would make Brazil the #1 country fan of Innovation-Based TRIZ, if it were true. However, Innovation-TRIZ interest is not what it seems in Brazil for a few different reasons. TRIZ is the name of an ESPN TV sports program in Brazil. “POR UM TRIZ” is a movie title (Out of Time) released in Brazil starring Denzel Washington and POR UM TRIZ is part of the lyrics of a popular song. The word TRIZ also appears to be the name of a music band in Brazil, the name of an antihistamine, a brand of glue in South America, a Chinese Export firm, etc.

Due to these issues, estimated Innovation-TRIZ popularity numbers in Brazil should be reduced by a figure of 70,000 searches per month for 2011. That puts an accurate assessment of worldwide TRIZ popularity in 8th place when compared to 21 other business improvement initiatives.

According to data from the Google Keyword Tool, there is an average of 246,000 worldwide searches that were initiated each month in 2011 on the web for the Business and Industrial search category for TRIZ. I estimate that the true Innovation-TRIZ interest is more accurately set as 176,000, due to the other uses for the term TRIZ, as mentioned before. The adjusted 2011 TRIZ popularity rank is shown below with the numbers for the average number of Google web searches in 2011 for TRIZ and 23 other Business Improvement Initiatives.

1. Lean …5,000,000

2. Six Sigma …1,000,000

3. Balanced Scorecard …550,000

4. Total Quality Management …301,000

5. Lean Manufacturing …246,000

6. Industrial Engineering …246,000

7. Lean Six Sigma …246,000

8. Triz …176,000

9. Business Process Reengineering …135,000

10. Business Process Management …90,500

11. Business Leadership …74,000

12. Quality Management Systems …49,500

13. Operational Excellence …33,100

14. Theory of Constraints …33,100

15. Toyota Production System …22,200

16. Baldrige Award …14,800

17. Design for Six Sigma …14,800

18. Lean Office …12,100

19. Business Process Improvement …12,100

20. Process Excellence …8,100

21. Hoshin Planning …2,400

22. Goal Alignment …1,900

23. Total Performance Management …1,900

24. Vision Deployment …320

As impressive as the bulk of monthly worldwide searches were in 2011 for specific innovation-related terms (see rank list below), they have all seen a 25 – 67% drop in popularity since 2004. The rank list below shows the average monthly search volume for specific term for 2011. As seen here, TRIZ is not yet at par with other common innovation words rolling through the minds of worldwide web searchers. Altshuller, the founder of TRIZ, does not attract much attention. If the TRIZ founder’s full name “Genrich Altshuller” were tested for popularity, the numbers drop even further than what is shown on the list below.

1. Patent …6,120,000

2. Innovation …4,090,000

3. Invention …3,350,000

4. Creativity …1,000,000

5. TRIZ …246,000

6. Altshuller …720

“Google Trends” and “Google Insights for Search” tools were used to determine the popularity trends for TRIZ and other innovation-related terms. In spite of this grand number of searches initiated each month by the would-be innovators of the world, interest in TRIZ and its founder Genrich Altshuller is down 55% since 2004. Other business improvement initiatives do not appear to be stealing fans away from TRIZ since most of their numbers are also down sharply since 2004. TRIZ is not the only creativity-based search words that are waning in popularity. This short list of other similar search terms might be a signal that other priorities are displacing innovation topics as a popular interest and pursuit in life and business:

1. Patent …down 67%

2. Invention …down 60%

3. TRIZ …down 55%

4. Altshuller …down 55%

5. Creativity …down 40%

6. Innovation …down 25%

Shown below are the actual average monthly searches in 2011 for the top 21 countries of the world for the word TRIZ included in a Google search. Brazil numbers were adjusted from 74,000 to 4,000 as mentioned previously to show its true interest in Innovation-TRIZ compared to other non-innovation uses for the search term TRIZ in Brazil.

1. USA …18,100

2. Mexico …12,100

3. Germany …9,900

4. France …8,100

5. Spain …8,100

6. Japan …6,600

7. China …5,400

8. Taiwan …5,400

9. Colombia …4,400

10. India …4,400

11. Morocco …4,400

12. Portugal …4,400

13. UK …4,400

14. Brazil …4,000

15. Algeria …3,600

16. Argentina …3,600

17. South Korea …3,600

18. Saudi Arabia …3,600

19. Italy …2,900

20. Peru …2,900

21. Turkey …2,900

TRIZ popularity as a search term in the top 3 interested countries on the above list (USA, Mexico and Germany) also shows a 50 – 65% decline since 2004. Maybe it is time for innovation experts to find out how to make true innovation more attractive and successful for the masses.